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How to Apply for the Lifeline Support Program

The lifeline support program is a free federal program or low-cost phone services that are challenged for use by low-income households through a monthly for steeped that ranges from $9.25 to $34.0. Lifeline subscribers can apply for their benefit discounts to a home phone service or an internet service where they can get either a wireless phone plan with discounted data.

However, the lifeline program does not cater to wireless devices. Even so, the lifeline subscribers can decide to provide you with a wireless device when you complete your enrollment. Either way, you can use your device but you will have to contact your lifeline service provider before you complete the enrollment to make sure that the device is compatible with the network provider. So, how do you apply for this free service? Here are the important steps:

Step 1: Check if You are Eligible

Although the lifeline phone program is free, not everyone qualifies to receive the service. There are several criteria that are used to identify those who fit the program. Also, each service provider in a different state has its qualification methods. Although there are some which are common to all, such as being a subscriber of a government program like Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, and Federal public housing assistance.

Step 2: Choose Your Provider

There are several Lifeline phone companies Oklahoma-based that you can choose from. Make sure their processes are flexible and that your network device is compatible with their data.

Step 3: Check Their Packages and Apply

Go through their packages to understand what they are offering. It could be that what they provide you with is totally different from others. Worst is, you subscribe to a company that will frustrate you instead of helping. The core essence of this program is to help you out with either totally free phone services or low charges. Once done, go through with the application.

We hope the above steps will prove useful in your registration for a lifeline program.

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