How to reset tire pressure light
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How to reset tire pressure light?

If you are the proud owner of a modern vehicle, integrated technology should offer you considerable comfort in using your car. However, whoever says technology says electronics. And as we all know unfortunately there are sometimes problems to be solved. We will see exactly how to restore your car’s tire pressure sensor light.

To do this, we will divide our article into two parts, first we will see the classic case of the tire pressure sensor light that appears and the procedure to follow to turn it off, then the case of the tire pressure sensor light that remains On despite having inflated tires.

How to reset the sensor light?

  • First of all, we will follow the classic procedure of restoring your car tire pressure sensor light, what it does if it comes on, here are the main steps:
    As you probably know, an under-inflated tire can explode or explode, if you are driving and your car’s tire pressure signal comes on, get out of traffic quickly, if you are on the highway, hold the steering wheel firmly to limit the risk of getting off the road.
  • Once stopped, visually check the condition of your tires. If one of them is completely flat, change the wheel. If it is only insufficiently inflated, go carefully to a service station to use a compressor.
  • Use the pressure gauge to check your car’s tire pressure, following the brand’s recommendations on the sticker on the driver’s door.
  • If you find that a tire is damaged during reinflation, have it replaced.
  • Eventually, after re-inflation, you can turn your vehicle’s ignition back on and you should have applied the most effective technique to remove your car’s tire pressure sensor light. The light should disappear or turn off after a few seconds. If not, we recommend reading the next section.

How do I turn off my car tire pressure sensor light? Stays on with the right pressure

Now that you have tried to follow the procedure to restore your car’s tire pressure sensor light and it has not worked. Let’s move on to the second option. My car’s tires are properly inflated. And I still want to turn off the tire pressure sensor light. the tires. To do this, you will need to readjust your vehicle’s dashboard light. However, be careful not to do this while driving because pressure variations will disturb the pressure sensors.

Generally, you need to go to your vehicle settings so you need to find an option for inflation detection or ‘deflation detection’, once on this tab, you need to press and hold the select button or the reset button based on the year of your vehicle until you see a message from the vehicle console confirming that the reset has been honored (this usually takes a few seconds).

Now you can turn off and restart the car to see if the tire pressure light has gone off. If despite the readjustment, the tire pressure indicator on your car does not disappear, the wisest solution is to go to your mechanic, the valve pressure sensor is probably faulty. However, keep in mind that the price of a unit is generally around 120 euros.

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