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The Giants Causeway, a spectacular, World heritage site, where you can follow in the legendary footprints of real Giants

To find out all about this spectacular World Heritage site that is almost sixty million years in the making you could just use your mobile phone or laptop to access Google and research all you want to know.  The infamous hexagonal basalt stones that make up the causeway and the giant who built it.  Using a professionally built site from experienced Web Designers Northern Ireland you can soon learn how the causeway was formed while Northern Ireland was still attached to North America.  As these two now separate Countries ripped apart it created massive rifts in the surface of the earth.  The rifts became large cracks that allowed molten rock and lava to pour through, then over time rivers formed and in this new valley the Giant’s Causeway was created.

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The legend is that a Giant called Finn McCool, built the causeway so that he could cross the Irish Sea to fight his Scottish rival Benandonner.  After a great battle Benandonner retreated back to Scotland ripping up the causeway as he ran.

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