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Homepage ideas for your school website

Your school’s home page is its most important page. Analytics show that the school’s home page is the most popular page. You should spend time thinking about the best way to use your homepage.

The home page should make it clear to prospective parents what makes your school special. Your school’s homepage should appeal to a wide range of audiences, including current and prospective parents, teachers, students, and members of the community. The homepage should be engaging and help your visitors find more information on your site by directing them to other pages.

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  1. Add the school name and logo

It may seem obvious, but ensure that your school’s name is prominently displayed on the home page of the school’s website. Your school name will often be displayed next to the school logo.

You can also be creative by using animations or stylised versions of the logo.

Your design will determine where your logo appears on the page. If you want it at the top left of the screen, for instance, or in the middle, or at bottom right, then that is what you might choose. Remember that the layout of your website may be different on mobile devices. Many parents view your website via their mobile phones, so you may need to change the location of your logo. For help with Websites for schools, visit www.fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools/

2. Use a strapline or description to position your school

On the homepage of your school’s website, if it is not clear from your school’s name what kind of school or phase you are, please specify your school type and phase.

You may have a particular area of expertise that deserves to be highlighted.

You can also include a strong philosophy on your homepage, either alongside the school logo and name. You could also use a strapline that tells us a little more about what you do.

You may want to include additional words that are important for your school’s values. This information can be highlighted in a variety of ways using animation, font styles and colour.

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3. Great photography is essential

Children doing fun things. It’s hard to imagine a more powerful way of presenting your school. Professional photography is a great way to showcase your school. On a school’s home page, full background photos are a great addition.

You could also use a large gallery of images.

If you don’t want to show actual students on your site, you can use graphics and an animated background. This will still give a sense of what your school day is like.

You can add virtual tours to your website in addition to the photos and videos. This allows prospective students and parents to take a tour of your school.

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