How to take screenshots in OS X
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How to take screenshots in OS X

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One of the most frequently asked questions of someone who has just moved to Mac is how to take screenshots on OS X or macOS. How do we capture or “screenshot”? Quick and easy explanation:

On PC there is a key called ‘ Print screen ‘, with which we can pass what we see on the screen to the clipboard and then paste it into Paint for example. But on Mac that “Print Pant” key does not exist, how do we take a screenshot? And once done, where is the image saved?

Four ways to take screenshots on Mac

It is very simple, it all depends on whether you want to take a photo of the entire screen, of a part, or a specific window.

1. Shift + Command + 3How to take screenshots in OS X

With this combination of keys, we will automatically obtain a screenshot of our entire screen, and the file with the screenshot will be created on the desktop of your Mac.

2. Shift + Command + 4

In this other way, the cursor changes to a crosshair that we can drag to select by hand which part of the screen we want to capture. A file is also created on the desktop.

3. Shift + Command + 4, and then space bar

If after doing the above key combination we press the space bar, the cursor will change from the crosshair to a camera, so that we can choose which specific window of an application we want to capture. The captured image will appear on our desktop.

The Control keyHow to take screenshots in OS X

When we capture the screen with the three key combinations, if we also press the ‘Control’ key, instead of generating a file on the desktop, the photo will be saved to the clipboard so that we can paste it wherever we want.

Variations on keyboards by country:

The key case may appear as “shift” or as an arrow pointing up.

The command key may appear as “cmd”, “command”, the apple symbol, or the square symbol with four circles.

The control key may appear abbreviated as “ctrl”.

4. With the ‘Snapshot’ program

In our ‘Applications’ folder, within the ‘Utilities’ folder, we can find the ‘Snapshot’ program. With it, we can do the same as with the previous keyboard shortcuts, but when capturing, the image opens in a window and we can print it or save it wherever we want.

Also, there is an additional mode, ‘Capture screen with timer’. It works just like cameras: there is a countdown of a few seconds and take the photo.

As you can see, Mac has very complete and easy tools for this task!

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