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What is drain patch lining?

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Drainage systems can become damaged by various things, including stormwater, root ingress and traffic movements. Even the natural shifting of the ground can create open cracks and joints in the system, and these can worsen over time.

Services that offer drain lining in Oldbury can patch these issues and prevent cracks from becoming more serious. When cracks do start to appear, the drainage system can become damaged and the entire system can fail if the supporting soil structure is eroded.

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How drain patch lining helps

Drain lining in Oldbury offers a chance to repair a cracked pipe without needing to excavate the entire system and start again. The technique has been used for many years, but it’s previously been linked with larger renovations, such as entire sewers.

Today, the technology and equipment used to deliver this work have greatly improved so that it can now be employed when repairing smaller areas of pipe. Find out more from drain lining specialists such as

The benefits of drain lining Oldbury

When the pipe is lined, it is far quicker and less expensive to fix a crack before it becomes a substantial issue. Often, the whole pipe is lined to fix a series of issues, but this isn’t always necessary.

Patch liners can be added to smaller problem areas once they appear, and to help prevent an early issue from becoming worse. This new solution is far more targeted and effective and will avoid the complexity of a larger broad-brush approach that may not always be needed.

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So if you’re aware that drainage problems may be occurring in your pipework, particularly with regards to cracking, get in touch with the experts today and get a professional opinion on the possibility of drain patch lining for your system.

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