How to share heavy files
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How to share heavy files with loved ones?

Want to send the photos and videos of your snow vacation to your loved ones? Only problem: your mailbox cannot send (all at the same time) all your exploits … How to share large files with your family and friends? Follow the guide…

And yes, the main function of mailboxes is the exchange of text and small files (approximately less than 25 MB). But do not panic, there are solutions to share your memories.

Online storage service: fast and easy to useHow to share heavy files

It is the fastest solution to use. Practical, it does not require the installation of equipment. You just need to register for a cloud service (free or paid), upload your documents to its servers and then send a sharing link to your loved ones. Simple right? You can even do it from your smartphone if you don’t have your computer on hand.

Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Darty Cloud, Internet service providers. Many services are available today with different options and interfaces. Practical, this solution is also secure because your loved ones only have access to the shared folder via the link and depending on the service, documents can be automatically deleted after a delay.

The network hard drive: a personal cloudHow to share heavy files

Put your photos on servers, very little for you? In this case, the Personal Cloud option (for example Helixee from Novathings or My Cloud Home from WD ) has something to appeal to you. Using the simplicity of online storage services, this system stores data at your home on a hard drive. Connected to your Internet Box and secured by a password, this type of hard drive is accessible wherever you are via an Internet connection. It also allows secure sharing of links to specific folders for your loved ones.

A little tip: before sending your files, remember to collect them in an archive. In, this type of file allows you to store it in the same folder which is also lighter. Smart isn’t it?

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