Insta360 Nano

Insta360 Nano, Camera 360 for iPhone

Insta360 Nano, a 360 camera for iPhone that easily connects to the Apple smartphone. This device allows you to take photos and videos 360 degrees , with a complete and truly impressive perspective. This is a small, compact room, equipped with an internal battery and two fisheye lenses of 210° each, which connects to the iPhone via a Lightning connector.

Ready away with Unpacking and Connecting

Insta360 Nano is sold inside a precious box, which we will talk about later, and is equipped with a USB cable to charge the 800 mAh internal battery. The size of the device is rather small, in fact it is a little less than 11 cm in length for 3.3 inches and is thick about 2 inches in the protruding part. To use it simply connect it to the iPhone Lightning connector and install the dedicated application (we will discuss below). Before using it, we will need to remove any iPhone cover, even the thinnest, to properly connect it to your phone. Insta360 Nano is compatible with iPhone 6/6 plus, iPhone 6s / 6s plus, and iPhone 7/7 plus. The camera can operate even without smartphones, thanks to the microSD memory slot (up to 64GB) and the shutter button, located at the back.

The Tuttofare application for the Camera

The Insta360 application is the true point of reference for this device. The app is available on the Apple store and once installed it lets you use the camera and browse the panoramic photo and video gallery. The application is designed to open in the opposite direction, you must turn the iPhone on, even if your camera 360 is not plugged in. This way the phone display is oriented in the correct direction, in the case of the camera connected to the Lightning connector. Photos and Videos captured with Insta360 Nano are visible directly from the application gallery but can be exported to the phone gallery, even in panorama mode. Multimedia elements can be shared with others through sharing a link, via social network or email. The click on the link will open the item from the Insta360 site directly in the browser. Insta360 app lets you capture individual video frames or photo portions at 360 degrees and save them in the iPhone gallery as normal images. But what can you do with Insta360 Nano and its app? The application includes three types of shots: Photo, Video, Live.

Insta360 Nano
Image Source: Google Image

Photo Mode: Allows you to take 360 ° photos using the various available filters, exposure, HDR mode, various corrections, and delayed shutter timer for up to 10 seconds.

Video Mode: Allows you to take videos in 3K resolution (3040×1520 pixels) with 360 degree perspective.

Live Mode: The application allows you to make a link to the profile of Facebook, Youtube, Periscope. Live mode therefore allows you to go “directly” on your social profile.

The Insta360 app is constantly updated and allows you to upgrade your camera firmware with just a click. During our test, lasting about a month, we received a firmware update and two application updates.

Surprising Photos and Videos

Insta360 Nano comes with two fisheye lenses of 210° each, with 8 megapixel CMOS sensor. The 360 ° images obtained with this room are remarkable. Just hold the room in front of us and press the shutter button to capture everything around us without moving the phone or the room. Really crazy as a device so small it can show such amazing results. Photos and videos made are interactive, can be zoomed and moved on the iPhone screen. We can interact on our shots and work on reproduced scenes. The smartphone without the smartphone, thanks to the microSD card, is even more practical and quick and does not download the iPhone battery.

The Box is a Google Cardboard-style VR Viewer

Let’s step back and go back to Unpacking the Product; the Insta360 Nano box is an enhanced reality viewer, very similar to Google Cardboard. It’s actually a cardboard stand, with a compartment to insert the iPhone inside and two large lenses, to be used for 3D viewing. Through this viewer you can view all of our videos and photos in a simple way. Sample images are also available, shared by clouds from other users. To take advantage of the VR viewer , simply open the animated item directly from the app, click on the three vertical balls in the upper right and tick the VR mode; then simply insert the smartphone into the viewer’s housing and look through the lenses.


Insta360 Nano is a truly amazing 360 degree iPhone case. Small and easy to use, it guarantees very remarkable results. Our test lasted about a month and the feeling is that we can no longer deprive this device. The iPhone consumes a lot of battery with the connected camera, especially in video mode. However, the mode of using smartphones avoids all this and can be very useful in a variety of circumstances. Unfortunately, the images stored on the memory card have the .insp file format which in fact obliges the export to the phone book to be reproduced. There are a number of supports available for shooting scenes in motion and mounting the Insta360 Nano on cars, bikes, bikes and helmets.

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