Instagram Stories releases masks and new superzoom
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Instagram Stories releases masks and new superzoom

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Instagram welcomes the Christmas holidays by releasing new masks, stickers, and superzoom. Of course, masks and stickers have, some of them, Christmas motifs. In addition, in a staggered way, users will receive new superzooms with sounds added to the ones we already have. This new superzoom includes music and Christmas sounds. Although our application is not yet active, despite having the new masks and stickers. We will have to wait for it to be updated internally.

New Christmas masks from Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories releases masks and new superzoom
Image Source: Google Image

Among the new masks that we have on Instagram, highlights one very appropriate for this winter that arrives in a couple of days. When we activate the masks, with one of them the screen will fill with ice and we will be able to draw with the finger. Another of the masks, without looking like it, is also tremendously appropriate for these parties. And the fact is that at company parties and family parties, the atmosphere tends to warm up. And tempers tend to rise a bit in tone. Who would not have liked to have an automatic beep in his mouth at certain times? The new ‘censora’ mask applies an automatic pixel to your mouth … Be careful what you say at the Christmas Eve party.

These are the latest news from the Google Keyboard

Instagram Stories releases masks and new superzoom
Image Source: Google Image

A third mask welcomes us with the latest Instagram update. This comes loaded with makeup, lighting effects, and background filters to apply all the glamor necessary to your party photos. Prepare the camera with only 6 days left for the Christmas Eve dinner. You will not want to take your bad brother-in-law out in the pictures!

They could not miss the Christmas stickers on Instagram Stories. Here we have everything: ice cream penguins, Christmas trees, candy bows, Chanukah (although these, to us, catch us a little away), Christmas lights, hot drinks … All an assortment to decorate your Christmas photos and share them with all your Instagram friends. We leave you with a couple of snapshots so you can see some of the new Christmas stickers of the Stories.

Superzoom: new music

Instagram Stories releases masks and new superzoom
Image Source: Google Image

One of the funniest news of recent times on Instagram was to create the Superzoom. With this zoom, we could create an effect similar to the meme of the prairie dog. If you remember, a time ago a meme triumphed in which a prairie dog turned and looked at the camera, in a very dramatic way. Well, that we could do with the Stories. This feature liked quite a lot among users because it also appeared right on Halloween.

Now, we can now make new zooms with different music. This feature, however, will have to arrive in a phased manner and internally to all Instagram users. Now, when you activate the superzoom, a small button will appear with which you can alternate different zooms:

TV show: zoom to television in the 80s

Zoom rhythms: a very disco and festive zoom

Zoom bounce: spring type zoom with ad hoc sound effect.

If you still do not have the new superzooms, do not despair: in the next few hours, they will appear. If you have not yet received the masks or stickers, go to the Play Store because, surely, you have a pending Instagram update.

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