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Ten tips to open an online store and sell happy

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Among the great opportunities offered by the Internet is to  open an online store where you can  sell products for a pool of customers on a national or worldwide scale. However, as in reality, even on the internet there are basic rules to succeed, to attract customers and to make money. We have identified a dozen, the result of our direct experience alongside that of other professional sellers.

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1) Starting with clear ideas, before you open your business and start selling it is a good idea to decide beforehand the products that we will propose to the public.

2) Inform, document and specialize on our products. Technical expertise offers countless benefits in business and offers customers a better service. Remember that most users who are online and buy online are much more attentive than colleagues who only attend physical stores.

3) If you are not the producers of goods themselves, it is advisable to find and verify suppliers before starting to sell. Opening a store without contacting wholesalers or companies that will supply us is a bad idea. The issue is also valid especially for dropshipping.

4) Contact the accountant and evaluate with it the type of game you want to open, do not be hasty, and carefully evaluate the expenses by trying to adhere to the most convenient tax regime for your case.

5) Do not think about following the store in time, in the afternoons of work, and above all by yourself. Regardless of the volume of sales, we will notice as soon as this is practically impossible, at least two people need to split the job and dedicate it full time to handle it. The dropshipping is no exception, the order management phases, store layout, billing and customer relations which is time consuming and challenging.

6) Alongside your online store with an eBay store by creating a professional sales account. The vast popularity of eBay will allow you to increase sales faster, spread your brand, and increase your reputation. Consider eBay spending as a great investment for success.

7) Create Social Store pages, especially Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest. We suggest dedicating a person to social networking by constantly updating the bulletin boards and increasing fans / followers with all the methods allowed, even with payment.

8) Plan the most productive and effective advertising campaigns to promote sales without unnecessarily wasting money. The most effective advertising is that of Google AdWords aimed at getting more from visitors to the Google search engine, Facebook’s advertising campaigns are aimed at many social network users.

9) Update content, prices, and showcase frequently, implementing frequent discounts and promotions. If the competition sells the same product at the lowest price of yours you have to wonder why the buyer should buy from you. For this reason, if the high costs of your vendors do not allow you to lower the sale price too much, it may be helpful to offer combined sales, free shipping or the simple gadget in tribute to each purchase. Fantasy and innovative ideas make it easy to boost sales.

10) Dedicate ample customer service space, better if you implement a dedicated chat module in your store that will attract more customers and allow you to build a more trusted and paid relationship. Your customer service should always provide exhaustive and fast answers. Remember to activate a phone number that will be published within the store and visible to customers and visitors. We have found that many people do not buy anything without first hearing the seller’s voice, it may seem strange but it’s the truth.

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