Best 10 Tips for online marketing in 2018
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Best 10 Tips for online marketing in 2018

Marketing, communication, advertising. We all know that these are important aspects to give value to your business. Sometimes, however, you rely on improvised marketing experts and, by setting up a “do-it-yourself” company communication, you end up throwing the hoe on your feet.

So we think you may find it useful to list bad advice NOT to listen to if you love your business.

# 1. Coosa ?? Not yet on  [name of the social network of your choice] ?? You must enter immediately!

No, it is not true. The presence of social media is essential, but it is useless you have a profile (maybe unused) on social that have nothing to do with your company’s target. Everything has its place and who tells you that you must be present in all social evidently does not know what is your company.

#2. But you do not need to be on social media! That’s all fuffa!

Best 10 Tips for online marketing in 2018
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It is a pity that about 24 million Italians are registered for that “fuffa”. Now, if anyone who advises you not to be on social networks knows another channel that allows you to immediately reach such a large number of potential customers, it is the case that we present it because it must be a genius of marketing!

# 3. Fill your tweets with hashtags

Bad idea. Tweets full of hashtags involve the audience 21% less than tweets with only one hashtag but targeted. #E #you can # very #intuire # why.

# 4. The fastest way to advertise on social media is to buy friends

Best 10 Tips for online marketing in 2018
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The fastest? Maybe yes. The most useful? Surely not. Because a “friend bought” is not interested in your product, but in the money, you send him through companies that sell “social friends”. Instead, a user who becomes attached, even slowly, to your content has a great chance of becoming a customer.

# 5. Customize your offers for marketing

You are looking for new customers, browse the list of your contacts and send an email addressed to that company / potential customer there, complete with name and surname. Will it work? No, because more than personalizing the offer this move will make you look like a gas pipe. Maintaining a certain style is essential to remain authoritative.

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# 6. Do not worry about SEO, Google has evolved now: do not pay more attention to these things

True, Google has evolved (we talked about it here ) and always evaluates more parameters during its research. But this does not mean that good SEO is useless. Indeed, it means that we have to work harder and better to keep up with the parameters of Google.

# 7. If you do not use a keyword at least X times in the text, you will never position yourself well on Google

It is the opposite position to that of point # 6. There is a rather old way of optimizing the contents that you think you must first perform the unlikely tasks of SEO (eg repeat a keyword X times in the text, use some bold, etc …) and then think about the quality of the content. But, if it were that easy, do you really believe that specialists would be needed to position themselves well on Google?

# 8. Quality content will make its way on the web alone

Best 10 Tips for online marketing in 2018
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It would be nice. It would be really nice if a good content always managed to emerge in the garbage of which the network is full. Unfortunately, this is not the case and one must be able to divulge it in the best way to make it known to as many people as possible.

# 9. Everyone can create content for your site

This would be nice too. If all were able to create quality content (which is also the first parameter that examines Google in his research) there would be no need for copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, etc. … Unfortunately, this is not the case and create a quality content that allows you to emerge from the crowd is a job that requires professionals.

# 10. A responsive website does not help you!

To dispel this false myth is very easy. With what do you surf the internet routinely? The smartphone, right? Good. Which of the following two designs would you like to meet when you connect to a site?


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