10 trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018
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10 trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018

During 2017, changes in the paradigm of advertising and online marketing have accelerated, especially due to the rapid evolution of social networks. The trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018 are given below.

Easypromos, as a leading company in the creation and management of digital campaigns. Foresees that in 2018 there will be the emergence of all these changes. Which make up an expansion and diversification of relations between brands and customers in the online world, and has prepared a forecast of Top 10 trends in promotional marketing.

Periodic contests for data capture and connection with DMP and CRM to profile users.

The Instagram draws to grow the growing community; on Facebook, creativity is used in the draws to activate the community.

Interactive advertising incorporates promotions and raffles to seek the active participation of users with the brand.

During 2018, digital marketing will use all the effective tools of promotion and advertising to build this field of interaction, and quickly relegate those actions that do not give a good result according to the objectives set. In this field, Easypromos has prepared a forecast of the top 10 trends in the boom that will lead promotional marketing in 2018.

Here we share the 10 trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018

1.Less display advertising and more interactive advertising10 trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018

The trend aims to use digital advertising to seek user interaction, and get more effective advertising. In this field, online promotions allow generating an active participation of the user with the advertising campaign and channel this interaction process. The tendency is that more and more multi-format campaigns are generated. In which the bank is the gateway to a more active and ludic promotional action. Formats such as the new option ‘surveys’ of Facebook and Instagram also go in this way.

2.Contests for data capture and connection with CRM and DMP10 trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018

In 2018, the periodic use of contests with a structured registration form will continue to be expanded rapidly. An effective inbound marketing action to attract leads. Likewise, the integrations that connect the platforms for capturing leads with the recipients. Their qualifiers will be developed and trends in online improved, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), DMP (Data Management Platform) and marketing automation tools.

3.Raffles to grow on Instagram10 trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018

The unstoppable increase of the Instagram community, both by personal users and companies. Generated an accelerated evolution of online promotions in this social network. The change of many brands to the company profile and the new version of the Facebook API has allowed that the activity of the brands in Instagram can be managed much better. This augurs a progressive and constant increase of the raffles and contests in this social network, which has already been noticed throughout 2017, but which will be increased thanks to the implementation of new links in Instagram, as in the Sponsored Stories.

4.Creative10 trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018

draws to activate the community on Facebook The social network par excellence is more limited in terms of the requirements to participate in the draws and promotions, due to their longer life. This aspect, added to the constant loss of organic reach, makes brands look for more creative and effective ways to communicate their publications and work their community. Increase the gamification of the draws on Facebook, using more dynamic formats such as gifs and videos, and combining. Them with small trends in online games to get the interaction of the community, entertain the public and retain it for longer on the page.

5.Prizes based on promotional codes Promotional

codes are consolidated as an effective action to reach the target audience in social networks and encourage purchases in both online and physical stores. Marketing professionals devise more original and creative ways to offer these promotional codes as prizes; dynamics have sought that transfer traditional offline actions to the online world such as the ‘scratch and win’, the ‘winning codes’ or the ‘winning moments’. In 2018 the gamification actions in the distribution and validation of online promotional codes will intensify.

6.Progressive increase of video contests

For a few years now, the consumption and production of the video have been gaining ground among Internet users. Especially thanks to the expansion of smartphones that allow consuming and generating this content format with great ease. Video contests are increasing among companies that have an online strategy more consolidated. Because they allow brands to obtain UGC in video format, a content that is highly appreciated. Since trends in online the potential audience highly value the recommendations of customers and users, much more than the own advertising of the brand.

7.Contests on YouTube, Facebook and streaming videos10 trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018

Studies such as that of CISCO foresee the increase in video consumption until 2019, reaching 80% of the total content consumed on the Internet. Video Marketing and Marketing TV responds to this trend and marks a style of communicating with the target audience. Which the video is very relevant. For this, all social networks boost the videos and take advantage of the contests virtualization and interaction of the visits. These promotions are already being observed in the videos of the brands and influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and in the publications and live videos on Facebook.

8.Expansion of the use and functionality of hashtags

For years, hashtags have been widely used in Twitter and Instagram, and their use has been infected by Facebook. Although this network does not allow intensive monitoring of hashtags. Because it only retrieves the relevant ones. in public mode, and those of pages or public figures. The hashtag has already become the natural way to filter content on Twitter and Instagram; it is also trends in online used to relate the brand content and to monitor the content generated by the user. That is linked to an event, a brand, a theme, holidays or celebrations. An increasingly global use of hashtags contests and draws is foreseen to boost online communities and generate brand.

9.Contests as a periodic action on inbound marketing strategies Marketing

professionals who are dedicated to the inbound have been able to verify that sweepstake, contests, and promotional apps. It helps the strategy of attracting traffic, attracting leads and qualifying them. The use of these resources within this field of marketing is increasing at the same pace as inbound strategies are acquiring more supply and notoriety. In 2018, this area will continue to evolve rapidly.

10. Instagram Stories and instant messaging, new channels on the rise for the promotion of promotions

The rise of Instagram and its limited ways to disseminate external links has generated. The intensive use of Stories to disseminate promotions and active draws. Its direct traffic to the place where users can get more information. In addition naturally, trends in online participants have been intensifying the use of instant messaging apps. To disseminate promotions and their participation in sweepstakes and contests. It is expected that this use will increase. It is predicted that the ways of sharing these actions can be further diversified.

As a result, it is important to adopt with trend.


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