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The first generation of printers.

We now live in an age of upto date printing technology. The reproduction of an image on paper has never been so easy. Since Johannes Gutenburg created the first press, using a design based on a Roman wine grape pressing system, we have been able to mass produce the printed word and picture for mass consumption. Before that it was a case of waiting for a room of Monks to copy the text out in a monastery and for the most part they only did  religious books and texts.

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With the invention of computers a way was needed to the found as to how the data that was on the screen could be presented to the the users, customers and clients that needed a hard copy of it. In this way the first computer printers were born. It was initially thought that the computer would herald the start of the paperless office but this has yet to become a reality. This is why a company like the Printer leasing Gloucester based firm Elmrep can be relied upon to provide you with a decent lease package on a printer plus a decent printing allowance as well.

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The first computer printer was aas basic ast the first generation computers it served. Initially it simply produced punch cards but the real breakthrough was the creation of the Dot Matrix printer. This translated computer data into a hard format to be read. A print head would move horizontally across the page like a typewriter. This was put onto a spool of computer paper especially holed down the sides to fit into the machine.

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