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10 Reasons Why You Should Translate Your Company’s Website

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Producing online content for your company’s website and online presence requires excellent strategies and effort. When you create top-quality website content, it should not be available only for a limited audience who understand your language.

The internet helps your business connect to a more extensive customer base worldwide. The key to a successful online business is communicating in more than one language, so you can express yourself better. Unfortunately, reaching international markets and multilingual audiences is almost impossible if you only communicate in one language and don’t translate your content or documents. Consequently, working with a translation agency is becoming extremely popular amongst UK businesses.

Importance of Translating Your Website

Despite being a medium of communication for more than 1.5 billion people, English still accounts for 50% of the online content. So to reach more audiences, you must go multilingual and translate your website into other languages.

If you haven’t thought about hiring a professional translation service provider, here are ten compelling reasons why you should go the extra mile to attract more customers.

  • Generates More Revenue

Generating more revenue and profit is vital for a business to sustain itself. If your business hits a revenue plateau, you must consider clever strategies to continue earning more profit.

One of the primary methods of increasing revenue is establishing a more robust global business footprint. The simplest solution is going multilingual, as you’re better able to explain your terms and conditions to your potential customers.

Moreover, translations help build your business credibility and brand image. When more customers are attracted to your business, it helps increase your sales. This, in turn, increases your profit, and your business generates more revenue.

  • Helps Your Business Expand into New Markets

Hiring translation services is integral to a business expansion strategy because it helps translate your website into numerous languages. As a result, you can communicate to a greater audience.

If you translate your website to one other language, you can cater to millions of more customers. For example, translating your website to Spanish can help you reach about 43 million Spanish speakers in the US.

If you want to expand your business to new markets, it’s vital to translate your website as your content will become more accessible to more people.

For example, if you wish to expand your business market to Canada, you can translate your website into French and English. As 87% of Canadian households have access to the internet, it is a lucrative market for expanding your business.

  • Builds Brand Credibility

People immediately assess your business once they visit your website. However, if your visitors speak a language other than English, they may find it challenging to understand your brand.

If the people who visit your website cannot understand more about your products and services, it will result in a loss of potential customers. Therefore, you must find new ways to accommodate your customers better.

Effective communication is one of the crucial methods of building brand credibility. When you offer content to people in their language, it helps them understand your business better. This results in increased traffic to your website as more customers are likely to revisit your website.

When you build brand credibility by expressing yourself better, more people trust your service and will likely become potential customers.

  • Increases Visibility

You must also consider hiring translation services if you invest in digital marketing strategies such as SEO for better content ranking.

When certified translation service agencies translate your content into other languages, they create a gateway for an increased customer influx as your website ranks higher in search results.

  • Continued Growth

For continued growth, you must consult certified translation service providers because they can help translate your website content to other languages. Going multilingual is effective for continued business growth because your content isn’t a part of the saturated market.

Translating your website gives you an edge over other brands as people who do not speak one language can simply engage with your content. This will help increase your customer base and result in continued growth.

  • Gives a Competitive Advantage

If competing with multiple businesses in the same niche, you must do something different to stand out. Translating your website to more than one language gives you a competitive advantage in international markets.

You can reach a greater audience by translating your website as you enter new markets. But you must ensure that the quality of the translation is maintained.

Inaccurate translations are detrimental to your business growth because they ruin your business integrity.

If you can’t express yourself better in another language, your business comes off as incompetent. Therefore, you must only hire certified translation services for accurate and precise content translation.

  • Creates Brand Recognition

Customers are more likely to buy products when they clearly understand the instructions and details. If your product and service descriptions and instructions are in the native language of your customer, it makes it easier for the customers to understand.

Consumers may even buy more expensive products if they can communicate and understand what your brand offers.

Moreover, it’s challenging to cultivate the trust of customers in global markets. Therefore, translation services can help you find your way into an international customer base and create global brand recognition.

  • Gives SEO Benefits

When you translate your website, international customers can discover your brand more quickly because the translated keywords bring them to your website. This increases your website traffic and helps you rank higher on search engines.

Moreover, your website isn’t just a platform for the customer to engage and transact. Instead, it’s the essence of your virtual business presence.

Translating your website into other languages can help customers discover your business presence and engage with it more efficiently, resulting in increased website traffic. Therefore, translating content is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of SEO.

  • Ensures Regulatory Compliance

Some industries require localised content according to laws and regulations. You may be subjected to fines and legal penalties if your business fails to adhere to these regulations.

To comply with laws and regulations, you must go multilingual and translate your website and its important pages, such as privacy policy, etc.

  • Facilitates International Ecommerce

Most e-commerce stores cater to foreign customers with international shipping and multiple payment options.

But many websites only publish English content. Providing customers with information in their native language increases the chances of making more sales as customers in international markets can better trust your brand and understand its shipping policy.

Final Words

In today’s world, customers have thousands of e-commerce stores to shop from. In such a highly saturated market, you must offer your customers something different to keep them engaged with your business.

Hiring a reputable translation service provider can help increase sales, build a better brand image, improve SEO ranking, and boost revenue.

It also helps international customers discover your brand more easily. Therefore, you should hire a translation agency that understands the importance of accurate and precise translations and enables you to develop content accordingly.

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