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How to cancel Disney Plus in a few steps

Did you subscribe to Disney Plus and end up dissatisfied with the service? Check out the article below on how to cancel Disney Plus , in different ways and using the device you watch the service with. Everything step by step is simple and fast.

How to cancel Disney Plus?

Let’s see below, the different ways and methods to learn how to cancel Disney Plus in a few steps.

By browser

  • To find out how to cancel Disney Plus, you must first go to, do so by clicking here.
  • Then sign in with the account your subscription is associated with.
  • Select your profile by clicking on the avatar.

Click on the icon located in the upper right corner

When signing in to the account, click on the profile icon and choose the Account option.

To find out how to cancel Disney Plus, start by going to Account

  • On the new page, you will see a tab with your subscription information (if it is monthly or annual), click on this option.
  • Click on your signature as shown in the image.
  • Then, on the new page, click Cancel Subscription. Once this is done, the service will continue to work until the end of the contract period. When the renewal period arrives, it will not be carried out and you will lose access to the service.

Lastly, go to Cancel Subscription

Maybe you followed the steps above, but when it came time to check out your Disney subscription, things might be a little different. This is because you may be using Disney Plus, through bundled packages, or with the help of other platforms.

Some of them even have step-by-step instructions to help the user, others only allow cancellation through customer service.

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How to cancel Disney Plus on Android and iOS

It is important to clarify that in order to cancel these devices you must be subscribed to them. If you did it in a browser, you will not be able to follow the steps below.

On Android

  • Go to Play Store.
  • Tap on the three-line menu and choose the Subscriptions option.
  • Select Disney Plus.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription.

On iOS

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap your name at the top.
  • Tap Subscriptions.
  • Choose Disney Plus .
  • Go to Cancel Subscription .

With all the above steps, you will learn different ways and means. Now tell us, did you manage to learn how to cancel Disney Plus?

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