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The best android call blocker Apps

On more than one occasion we have received calls from a company that wants to sell us something we do not want. Or there are people that we do not want to be contacted and they keep calling us. In these cases, we usually have the ability to block calls from these people. Also, in Android, we have many applications that give us this option. We share the best android call blocker apps.

In this way, using any of these applications for Android, we can block calls and/or messages from the numbers we want. Therefore, below we leave you with a selection of the best applications in this category. Thus, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Thanks to these applications you will be able to get rid of all these unwanted calls in a simple way. And you will not have to worry anymore because these people or companies are going to be able to have contact with you. The operation of these applications is usually similar, although each gives additional functions.

The best android call blocker apps

Call Control – Call Blockerbest android call blocker

We start with one of the best known and best-rated apps in the Play Store. It is an app whose operation and design is quite simple, ideal for any user. Although it stands out for the great participation of the users of it. Since they are responsible for generating blacklists with phone numbers Spam. So you know what numbers you should never answer and you can block directly. We can also check if a specific phone number is in this category of spam. In addition, it gives us the option of establishing moments of time when we do not want to receive calls. A useful application and very easy to use at all times. It is the best android call blocker apps.

The download of this application for Android is free. Although inside the same we find purchases and ads. But you do not have to pay for anything to use the application with all its advantages.

Truecallerbest android call blocker

One of the applications to block calls with a better design that we find in the Play Store since everything is presented in a very visual and pleasant way. What will make it easier for us to use it? The application presents our call log, as we can see it on the phone itself. It lets us look up numbers and edit them, in case there are numbers that we want to block. It also allows us to block telemarketing calls, in addition to blocking text messages. It perfectly fulfills its purpose and is a simple application when using. One of its strengths is that it gives us many customization options. It is one of the best android call blocker apps.

The download of this application for Android is free. Although we find purchases and ads inside it. They are not very annoying ads, luckily, so we will not have to pay to use the application.

Mr. Number – Block calls & spambest android call blocker

In third place, we find this application that will allow us to block all those calls that we do not want to receive. It allows us to block numbers that you have not already called or had in the calendar. In addition to giving us the ability to block business telephones and telemarketing, the so-called spam in this case. It will also allow us to block SMS from sending us some of these numbers. We can create our own lists of blocked numbers, which allows us to keep track of the phones that we have blocked by using it. In terms of design, it has a simple interface, but one that perfectly fulfills its purpose. So the use of it will be easy for you.

The download of this application for Android is free. In addition, inside the same we do not have any kind of ads, nor are there any purchases. So we do not have any distractions inside the application, nor will we have to spend money to make use of it.

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Calls Blacklistbest android call blocker

Fourth, we find one of the simplest applications we have in the list. Since it is not an application that of many additional functions, but it has a very clear purpose. It seeks to block calls that we do not want to receive, and this is something that does a thousand wonders. Adding numbers to the blacklist is very simple, and we can see which phones we have included in it. You can add phones that we have in the contact list or that have called us at some time. When someone you have blocked tries to call you, the application will notify you, so you have good control over this. In addition, we can create white and black lists in the application. You can download from here

The download of this application for Android is free. Although, as with other applications on the list, we find purchases and advertisements inside it. It is not annoying ads, luckily. And purchases are not mandatory at any time.

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