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5 Best Simulation Games for ANDROID and iPhone

They are the best simulation games to drive trucks, carry loads, collect cities, fields and overcome each of the challenges that arise as a driver.

There are trucks, commercial aircraft, city buildings, and farm simulators that you can play on your Android, iPhone, or iPad device for free or for a fee.

Best Simulation Games for ANDROID and iPhone

Bus Simulator UltimateBest Simulation Games

It is a game to drive a passenger bus that you will have to take from the transport terminal to your destination at a specified time.

  • Vehicle Type: Bus
  • Game Measurement: Points you earn for meeting rules and stops.
  • Control: Automatic box.
  • Price: Free with Ads and Pro version for $ 99
  • Weight: | 523MB
  • Graphics: Lightweight
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

Public Transport SimulatorBest Simulation Games

Become a bus driver Where you will have to pick up passengers, make rest stops, service stations. In these games, it does not penalize you for driving badly and it has more than 5 cameras, 10 Buses, and customization.

  • Vehicle Type: Bus
  • Measurement Game: Money collected from passengers.
  • Price: Free with ads.
  • Control: Automatic or manual box, Steering wheel with an arrow, when turning the mobile or wheel.
  • Weight: | 117MB
  • Graphics: Light
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

Airline CommanderBest Simulation Games

Direct your own commercial airplane, towards points that make up the routes that you must complete, to reach the different destinations, within the period of time established according to the level in which you are playing. Upon reaching these sites, you must land the plane and leave it parked avoiding other members of the airport.

  • Vehicle Type: Plane
  • Measurement Game: Rewards based on your flying activities.
  • Price: Free with ads.
  • Control: Assisted (easy) and Simulation (Hard)
  • Weight: | 471MB
  • Graphics: Simple
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

SimCity BuildItBest Simulation Games

As mayor you will have to start building careers, houses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and most importantly: Services, since these bring happiness to your city and the success of your city depends on it. In the game, you can also unlock popular monuments, create natural parks, put together tours, and of course manage city traffic.

  • Simulation Type: Constructor
  • Measurement Game: Reward in coins (Simoleanones) according to the constructions.
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases
  • Weight: | 180MB
  • Graphics: Remarkable
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

Farming Simulator 20Best Simulation Games

Be a modernized farmer. Drive top-brand farm machinery, grow trees, sunflowers, beets, dads, or corn, raise cows, pigs, sheep, and then sell all of these products on the market, and with the profits, you can buy new machines or new land to expand your farm.

  • Simulation type: Farmer with +100 Agricultural Machines.
  • Measurement Game: Reward with coins.
  • Price: One payment ($ 4.99) with In-App purchases.
  • Weight: 600MB |
  • Graphics: 3D High quality
  • Available for: Android or iPhone

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