How to make smooth stone in Minecraft

How to make smooth stone in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the games most used by people of all ages and from all countries in the world. If you are already part of the great family of Minecraft players, surely you want to learn more about it.

In case you want to learn how to make a smooth stone, you are in the right place because today’s topic is: How to make or craft smooth stone in Minecraft – Crafting smooth stone is very easy and fast. In addition, it will also help you to know how to make a stone cutter and what it is for, in a few steps.

How to make smooth stone in Minecraft

To make a smooth stone in Minecraft, there are certain previous aspects that you must take care of so that you can craft smooth stone. Of course, in Minecraft you can also craft stone bricks, normal stone, chiseled, or cracked in just a few steps.

To start, you must create the crafting table, important when crafting the smooth stone, don’t you know how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you below.

How to create a crafting table in Minecraft

To create a crafting table, you must first access the Survival world. With your skin, you must look for a tree to obtain wood and cut it with your skin’s hand to obtain it. Now in your backpack or inventory, you must look for the wooden planks that you cut and separate it into groups of 5 or 6 parts in the Manufacture section so that you get the work or crafting table.

Now, with the crafting table ready, you can create the smooth stone you want, in a very simple way in Minecraft. Of course, with this table, you can also craft a golem of iron, stone, diamond, snow, among others.

How to make a smooth stone crafting

Now, to get smooth stone you must search the crafting table for the remaining wooden planks that you cut earlier. You must choose 3 wooden planks and 2 wooden sticks and place them in the ” Manufacture” section in order to obtain a stone chopping pick.

Then you take the peak with your skin and go to a mountain and in one of the mountain structures by default you must get a stone wall. And with the pick, you begin to carve the stone to create another crucial element, that is, the oven where you will prepare the smooth stone. You must carve to an average of about 25 stones that will result in a beautiful oven.

Now, to create the oven you need 10 stones that you must place in the grid of the Manufacture section, all around leaving an empty square together in the middle. As a result, you will get the oven and you must place it on a platform where it is convenient to access it.

Next, with the stone and wood that you have leftover, you access the oven and in Fuel, you place the wood and in Input, you put the stone previously obtained. Now you must wait for the common stone to bake in your oven.

Later you must access the oven again, place the stone that you already baked as “Entrance” and more wood as “Fuel” and place the stone again to bake. Now you must wait a couple of minutes for the cooking or baking process to finish and that’s it! you will have already obtained your smooth stone.

How to perform smooth stone crafting in Minecraft in the Creative world

In the Creative world, a smooth stone is much easier to get, in fact, you won’t even have to create it manually. You just have to access your backpack or inventory and go to the first tab where the bricks are. And then in the fourth row, third you will find the smooth stone, where you simply select it and it will already be available for you to use.

Uses of smooth stone in Minecraft

Smooth stone due to its soft nature can intervene in various uses, such as decorating your home. Smooth stone is ideal for creating slabs that will make your house in Minecraft the most beautiful of all.

Also if you want to obtain a precious blast furnace that is much more optimal than the common furnace, with the smooth stone you can create it. You can also craft a medieval castle, mansions, and other facilities with a smooth stone so that they look beautiful and very aesthetic, everyone will envy your smooth stone creations.

Learning to craft smooth stone was easy, wasn’t it? Now you can head to either the Survival or Creative world and get the precious smooth stone.

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