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Why Your Business Needs VoIP

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With Britain’s telecom providers committed to phasing out old-style landlines, ISDN and telephone exchanges by 2025, you can be sure of a last-minute rush to get on the VoIP bandwagon. It’s better for businesses to commit themselves in good time. Here are eight other reasons for biting the bullet sooner rather than later.

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Quick, Cheap Installation

Nobody calls to hammer new wiring through your walls. Once you have some IP handsets, setting them up is quite straightforward.

No Need for a PBX

A cloud-based virtual PBX is part of the package. You have all the features of controlling your own exchange – like call holding, call transfers, conference calls and more – without the expense of any hardware.

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Cheap Long-Distance Connections

Thanks to wholesale VoIP termination rates negotiated by your providers, calls cost the same regardless of distance. Overall, price savings are typically around 50%, according to

Software Integration

VoIP systems are easy to integrate with business packages as simple as your Outlook address book or as complex as an enterprise management suite. An inbound call can automatically bring up a customer’s file. Additional functions are easily added by installing apps – many of them free.


You can re-route calls to the most appropriate member of staff – even if they are roaming round the world somewhere. Similarly, you can answer your phone when you’re away from the office. Staff can easily work from home. Customers are never left dangling, and sales need never be missed.

Integrated Communications

Voice over IP doesn’t actually restrict you to voice calls. It can change between different kinds of messaging. You can receive your voicemail as an attachment to an automated email or transcribe it into an SMS. As the calls can be stored as files, you never have to take notes while talking or forget what you were told. Legally sensitive exchanges can be saved for future reference.


If you become busier than expected, your customers never have to suffer the frustration of engaged lines and call queues. It is very simple to increase your call capacity with a few extra IP phones and perhaps some more broadband bandwidth.

Flexibility, Control and Independence

You can configure your own call set-up from your desktop or on the move from your smartphone. No more bills every time you want to make an alteration.


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