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Choose the right imagery for my website

Imagery is a very important part of your website, as the right images will provide useful information in addition to adding beauty and impressive visuals. Basically, they will make your website more useful and appealing, which will benefit your business and your brand. How do you choose the right imagery for your website?

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There are lots of different styles and types of images, with some images much less effective than others. Here are a few tips that you should follow when choosing imagery for your website.

Make sure they are high-quality images

One of the worst things that you can do is use low-quality images on your website, or even average-quality images. Many companies use images that appear to be high quality until they are loaded onto the site, when it becomes clear that the image size is too small. If you know that the images on your website are of an average quality, take the time to replace them and you will probably notice that engagement on your site increases.


Ideally, you will be using unique pictures that represent your brand well rather than more generic pictures that would work on a wide range of websites. Try to use images that show your users why you are different to your competitors.

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You should also use pictures of people on your website, as people tend to find images with people trustworthy and professional; however, you should avoid using stock photos. According to the Content Marketing Institute, stock photos lower the credibility of your brand; instead, use pictures of real employees who work for your company, as customers are more likely to see these pictures and trust your brand. Similar advice can be given from sites like reallyhelpfulmarketing who are experts in the Branding Agency field and will point you in the right direction.

Don’t forget about brand relevance

The main thing you need to do when you are choosing images for your website is to keep brand relevance in your mind. The images on your website must showcase your brand identity and some of your core values and goals, as this will speak to your target audience on a personal level. If your company prioritises customer service, for example, you could include some pictures of your customer service team at work.

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