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10 action movies like John Wick

In May 31, John Wick 3: Parabellum arrived in theaters – here you can find our critique – the expected third part of an action franchise that appeared out of nowhere in 2014 starting with a low-budget film – for levels that requires a feature film of such characteristics with Keanu Reeves in the lead – and that did not even get a premiere in a movie theater. The work of Chad Stahelski and David Leitch has become a benchmark for many current audiovisual products, movies, series, and video games. Today we come to make recommendations for action movies like John Wick, in one way or another and in no particular order, can live up to John Wick and that can certainly be used to open his mouth for that expected third installment – beyond reviewing the previous two films of the saga, of course.

The best action movies like John Wick

Lethal Weapon (1987, Richard Donner)movies like John Wick

The mother of the buddy movies. Richard Donner, the chameleonic director who as soon as directs terror, such as fantastic, comedy or superhero movies, is responsible for one of the most mascaras movies of action cinema. He does not have set pieces like the ones that Chad Stahelski looks like in John Wick, but he certainly knows how to take the viewer to considerable tension points when he connects with the nice pair of protagonist detectives.

Die Hard (1988, John McTiernan)movies like John Wick

The concept that best defines McTiernan’s great work is, without a doubt, one-man army. A single man, Bruce Willis in this case, against a panda of terrorists who do not know who they have messed with and how little they will last alive. Something similar, in a very platonic way, to what would come to be John Wick: the wrong place, at the wrong time. Only that the mistake of place and time is made by the bad guys in the movie, and not the protagonist as usual. It is one of the best movies like John Wick.

Hard Boiled (1992, John Woo)movies like John Wick

What to say about John Woo. One of the directors who best directs the action possibly. Hard Boiled serves as an example to Stahelski and Leitch to organize the action in their staging. If there is something we would like to highlight in this short space about Hard Boiled, it is one of its sequence shots. One where the camera, without any false cut or anything like that, walks through various floors of a building while the bullets fly around it and the protagonists make their way to shotguns. Thanks for so much, John Woo.

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The Rock (1996, Michael Bay)movies like John Wick

Bay’s cinema is going through its lowest hours. The Transformers franchise has filled the garage with lads but has emptied, facing the public, his talent as a filmmaker. In the 1990s, however, Bay provided a work of which he can be more than proud: The Rock. A film with Ed Harris, Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery at the head that goes beyond personal revenge, is going to save the world from a sickly madman who, locked up in Alcatraz, wants to fill the city of San Francisco with death. If something is good for Bay, it is to shoot the action: furious, full of chaos and with a lot of activity on the screen. The rock should be mandatory viewing anywhere.

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Matrix (1999, Wachowski sisters)movies like John Wick

Impossible to summarize here what Matrix did for science fiction and modern and contemporary action cinema. The Wachowski sisters remodeled action shootings based on non-handmade sequences and focused on the design of CGI in close combat and, above all, shootings. Matrix articulated a distinctive creation method that other films, such as John Wick, would borrow for their choreographies in the fight sequences. The sequels may not maintain the same quality as the first delivery, but they are more than enjoyable pieces. And Keanu Reeves is also the absolute protagonist!

Kill Bill (2003-2004, Quentin Tarantino)movies like John Wick

Quentin Tarantino’s samurai diptych is one of the sources that John Wick’s franchise drinks most. From his spirit of revenge to the madness with which the protagonist ends his victims. Kill Bill combines Tarantino’s obsessions with Asian culture and cinema and unites them with the free violence that characterizes him so much. Surely the most eclectic work of the director of Pulp Fiction that, of course, must be seen in one sitting. That is, both parties at the same time to be able to enjoy the complete work. It is one of the best movies like John Wick.

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Taken (2008, Pierre Morel)movies like John Wick

Yes, Taken, as sequels have appeared, has become a parody of how Liam Neeson is unable to protect his daughter from the terrorists who kidnap her. But even so, Pierre Morel directs with great elegance an action-packed thriller where Neeson adopts the figure of a crazed retired person who will do whatever it takes to get his daughter back. If you want to see an outdated Neeson with a voice from beyond the grave that would upset even Darth Vader, give the movie a try.


The Raid (2011, Gareth Evans)movies like John Wick

How difficult it is to describe The Raid . Especially considering that the story tells how a group of elite police officers gets trapped in a kind of shelter where the most dangerous criminals in Indonesia hide. Gareth Evans is a sadist without feelings who puts all the meat on the grill in an absolute massacre where he catches up to the pointer. The Raid is the movie that you should not lose sight of, ever. It is one of the best movies like John Wick.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015, George Miller)movies like John Wick

Without too many dialogues or too many explanations, George Miller returns to his post-apocalyptic universe of blood and gasoline to bring one of the best action films of the century. Mad Max: Fury Road is an example of how you can still make feature films with special handmade effects that make up an argument, rather simple, that only serves as a guiding thread – never better said – to make the viewer live a palpable, practically alive film experience. In 2015, Miller was able to do many of the things he couldn’t with his trilogy starring Mel Gibson. It was not the time to develop everything he had in mind because of the media – just as happened to George Lucas with Star Wars and its prequels. But Fury Road compiles all the essence of the original Mad Max and reimagines them with a modernized look and stunning technical quality.

Atomic Blonde (2017, David Leitch)movies like John Wick

Separated from his companion of arms, Chad Stahelski, with whom he gave life to John Wick’s first installment, David Leitch wanted to continue with neo-noir ideas cast in neon lights with long action scenes in discos at the hands of, this Once, Charlize Theron. Atomic is all John Wick, but they are John Wick. The action, the evolution of the script – which has little to do. But feels the same – the sequences and the careful aesthetics of the staging. A reflection of what Wick would have been in the 1980s in a spy plot with a certain political background charge. It is one of the best movies like John Wick.

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