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How to stop steam from opening on startup

Steam is considered one of the best platforms to play video games for PC. This program was born in September 2003 by Valve, as a digital distribution platform. In it, you will find a varied and large catalog of titles from both small independent developers and large studios. In addition, you can find both free and paid games at a low cost.

To use this platform, all you need is to enter its official website and register for free. When creating a user account, all video games that are purchased within Steam will be saved. A benefit of this implies that any computer can be used, anywhere and all the titles that were previously acquired will be available and can be downloaded when the user wishes.

Today, Steam has more than 3,000 games available and 75 million active user accounts and growing every day.

After downloading the software from Steam, which is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, you can register on the platform and enjoy free and paid games, one of the features of the service is its automatic start.

Steam autostart is when programs open when you turn on your computer without user intervention. For many of them, this setting is a benefit because it allows the software to start and run in the background. This is so that when the user is downloading a game, the download starts automatically. You do not need to waste time running the program, but for other users, it is inconvenient for this to happen as the computer they use is shared or loaned and in the way of the second person.

Also, the autostart brings some problems. One of them is the additional load on the computer since it causes it to slow down creating weakness in it and adding load to the CPU and RAM memory. It also slows down the internet and even more so if you are downloading a game. Finally, it shows notifications and extra messages, an action that distracts those users who work more often and play for a short time.

To stop the automatic start of Steam, there are several ways to close this program when logging into the computer.

Method 1

The user must close the Steam login box that appears when turning on the computer. This is for those who have not configured their account on the platform; you just have to click on the close icon each time it appears after starting.

Method 2 so that Steam does not start automatically

First, you must enter the platform. Then the user must go to the upper left corner of the screen and look for the “Steam” button where several options will be displayed, then he must look for the “Parameters” button and click.

Then you must go to where the “Interface” button shows and the user will be shown a window with several options.

Finally, you should look for the option to “Load Steam when you start the computer”, and you should remove the selection so that the automatic start does not happen, after this the “OK” button is given and the user will have no more problems with the platform.

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Method 3

There is an alternative way to use the “Task Manager”, it can be considered the simplest way depending on the user. First, you must open the “Task Manager”, it is done by right-clicking on the taskbar and looking for the administrator. Once this happens, you must select the start tab and then search for ” Steam Client Bootstrapper “, then you must right-click on the name again and choose the option “Disable” and thus the forced execution of the startup will stop. automatic from the Steam platform.

Any of these 3 methods will help users to prevent problems with the Steam platform and they can continue to enjoy its varied content.

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