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What Did Mobile Phones Look Like In The Past?

Mobile phones come in all shapes and sizes and depending on what I am looking for I can find something great at a vodafone store near me like One thing that all the mobile phones on offer have is that they are a lot smaller than they were back in the 1980s.

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So what did mobile phones look like in the 1980s? They were big, bulky affairs, which made them difficult to use whilst walking, so manufacturers began designing phones which were slimmer, lighter and easier to hold. This resulted in phones which were much more like a pocketbook, with large buttons that allowed you to dial. You also got the ability to expand the memory from one to two SIM cards, and to insert additional cards if necessary. You could also get Bluetooth, which allowed you to send data between your handset and the computer. This functionality is now available in all modern handsets.

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So when did the concept of the mini mobile phone take off? Well, in countries such as Italy, where the masses are used to walking for longer periods of time, and where people need to have something compact and easy to carry, the mini-phone did quite well. When the iPod hit the market in the late eighties, and it was available to download straight to your device, people realised that they could take their MP3 players with them anywhere.

Then with the introduction of the smartphone in the nineties, there was something else that came into being, which gave the concept of what did mobile phones look like in the early twenty-first century a real boost – connectivity. Smartphones allow you to not only make and receive calls but also send text messages and do email, and this has really opened up the market for mobile phones.


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