Ten Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

Ten Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

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The price of the iPhone X may be excessive for many, but the technology does not have to be prohibitive for your pocket. There are all kinds of gadgets and accessories infinitely useful for day to day that can be purchased for less than 10 dollars.

Technology has transformed, for better or for worse, our life. Mobile phones have become an instrument of work and an escape tool to unleash our leisure.

We Share Ten Essential Gadgets Here

A battery so your phone does not die in the middle of the dayTen Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

One of the greatest mundane fears of our time is to run out of battery on the cell phone in the middle of the day.

The worst part is that the solution is extremely cheap: an external battery can cost you less than 10 dollars and save you more than one dislike.

When choosing the one you should look at its capacity, indicated in milliamps (mAh), which will give you clues about how many times you can charge your phone without plugging it into the current.

If you stretch the budget a bit, you will have more versatile models at your fingertips, which include more cargo ports, and above all, faster ones. Beware if you have an iPhone because you will have to make sure that the battery has the proper charging port. This is one of the essential gadgets for the smartphone.

A wireless mouse to get rid of messesTen Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

If you have a laptop you will probably have fought on more than one occasion with the cursor. Touch panels (popularly known as trackpads ) are often a nightmare.

Everything is arranged with a wireless mouse, with which in passing you can forget about any mess of cables.

For less than 10 dollars you can get a wireless mouse of reduced size like this VicTsing model that, in practice, can be manageable and convenient to take anywhere.

Connection issues? Maybe you need a network ‘switch’Ten Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

The problems of Internet connection can be a real headache, especially in environments with many electronic devices connected to the network or in places where it is impossible to take the connection through Wi-Fi everywhere.

A network switch can help you solve the problem since it allows you to connect more devices through the cable network than those left by your own router or modem. There are very economical models, below 10 dollars, with which you can also save on light consumption.

Earphones that do not bleed your earsTen Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

Surely you have the odd suspicion that the headphones that came to you as a gift with your last phone are not a work of art. You’re right. It is also true that with this tight budget it is difficult to find models of certain guarantees, but it is not an impossible mission.

The best you can do is discard the wireless models since the really good ones have a somewhat higher price. From there the options multiply: if you want to be isolated (slightly) from outside noise you can opt for in-ear helmets such as the Xiaomi Piston, which boasts a good value for money.

A USB hub to organizeTen Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

If you bought a laptop that does not have enough ports to connect everything you need you should think about buying a USB Hub. It’s going to make things a lot easier for you.

The most basic version you can find on Amazon includes 4 USB 3.0 ports, so through a single port, you can connect four new devices.

It is also guaranteed a transfer speed of up to 480 Mbps and has protection against current overload.

If you are looking for something more advanced it may be worth this other model with 7 USB 3.0 ports.

Do not have a screensaver on your mobile yet?Ten Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

At this point of the film, it is unforgivable that you break the screen of mobile, however much you have thrown it you have fallen to the ground on many occasions.

A tempered glass blade drastically improves the resistance of the smartphone screen when it falls, bumps and scratches.

Of course, when you buy it you have to pay attention that the chosen model fits the design of your mobile since the protective film for an iPhone will not be the same as that of a Samsung phone or a Sony model.

A programmable plug can serve you for many thingsTen Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

The bill of the light does not stop rising, so you should go looking for solutions to not take a dislike to you at the end of the month. A programmable plug can be used to turn on an electric radiator or a water heater only the hours that interest you most of the day.

You can also give it another kind of uses. For example, it is a highly recommended purchase to control the lights of the aquarium or so that the anti-mosquito does not run out before the account.

This model for sale on Amazon also incorporates a function to turn on and off throughout the day in a random way, a very interesting solution in order to give the feeling that there is someone at home.

A case for your laptop

If you protect your mobile phone as if it were a treasure, why do not you do the same with your laptop?

For less than ten dollars you can get a protective cover with zipper, simple but effective, which will allow you to carry your equipment comfortably anywhere.

With a little luck, you can also get a briefcase to keep it, although again we are talking about a simple model. Nothing to do with this luxurious cover. Essential gadgets to secure from damage.

A USB to store your most sensitive dataTen Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

You probably have more than one USB stick at home, but most likely none of them is first class.

Using a memory of physical format implies some advantages, among them the guarantee that we are the ones who safeguard the data we want to protect instead of trusting the cloud.

For less than 10 dollars you can buy one of the models with the best opinions on Amazon, compatible with the 3.0 standard that guarantees a good transfer speed with which we can copy a movie in less than 30 seconds. Essential gadgets for storing your data.

A good HDMI cableTen Essential Gadgets That You Must Buy For Less Than 10 Dollars

HDMI cables have become the best allies for modern televisions, for the simplicity they provide by integrating audio and video signals into a single cable.

As in everything, in the HDMI universe, there are also different qualities. With an extremely tight budget, you can get a cable that complies with the 2.0 standard, which means it is capable of playing video in 4K. This is essential gadgets for 4K videos.


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