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The 5 Best Hoverboards of 2020: Comparison and Guide

The Hoverboard or smart balance wheel as it is also known is one of the most popular toys that we can see today. It is set in Marty McFly’s iconic hoverboard in ” Back to the Future ” and later popularized by American actors and artists. This aerodynamic skateboard has become a real BOOM! among the youngest.

So much has been its success that it was the best-selling scooter in 2015 and since then it has not ceased to be one of the most gifted and used electric scooters today to enjoy leisure time. In this article, we will look at the 5 best hoverboards scooters out there today and examine their performance in detail. Go for it!

What is the best hoverboard?

If you are thinking of acquiring one of these precious hoverboard scooters, but you still do not have it entirely clear given the large number of models that there are. Continue with us because we have a selection for you that you are sure to like. 😉

Our idea is to simplify your search so that you can easily find the best hoverboards, the ones with the best performance and the best quality guarantees. You can see below, the analysis and comparison of what are for us the 5 best hoverboards of this 2020.

1. Hoverboard with Bluewheel HX310s saddle

First of all, we have the HX310s model from the Bluewheel brand, one of the best companies in the manufacture of a smart balance wheel. This great model is one of the best selling hoverboards. Although it does not come with a chair, you can incorporate any model of the brand or other universal ones.

It incorporates 2 350W motors, with which it can reach up to 15 km / h and travel a  maximum distance of approximately 10 km depending on the intensity of its use. It has a fairly fast charge. Even in 2 hours, we have tested that you can have it already full of charge to be able to enjoy it. It also has Bluetooth and an APP to connect our mobile and check the status of the battery and the distance traveled.

Other interesting data is that it incorporates a balance system adapted to beginners, to make it easier for you to start. It incorporates LED lights on the front and rear to see better in the dark. Its maximum load is 100 kg, it comes with a gift case to store it!

2. Windgoo 6.5 “Bluetooth hoverboard electric scooter

We continue the list with the Windgoo 6.5 ″ electric hoverboard scooter. Another hoverboard with Bluetooth, ideal to move around the city or to enjoy your free time. This skateboard is also suitable for both children and adults up to 100 kg.

With its 2 350 ( 700W ) motors and a 4000Ah battery, this model offers us a range of 15 km, slightly higher than the interior model. The top speed in this case is estimated at 15 km / h. It is capable of making 360º turns thanks to its gyroscope and climbing slopes of up to 30º.

Thanks to its energy-saving system that it incorporates, it has a saving and more efficient use of energy. In fact, this scooter only needs 2 hours to be fully charged. incorporates front and rear lights.

It weighs 12.5 kg and is also available in a lot of colors. If you want a powerful Bluetooth hoverboard, you have it now at a very affordable price.

3. Cheap Hoverboard Colorway 700W 6.5 ”

In third place and attracting a lot of attention among the most desired, we have the Hoverboard Colorway. A hoverboard with LED lights of different colors to be the envy of all your friends. This hoverboard also has a Bluetooth connection, which will allow us to listen to our favorite music when we ride on it thanks to its 2 speakers.

Its features include its motor made up of 2 350w motors and a 4400 mAh battery. A skateboard capable of reaching up to 12 km / h and with autonomy that will allow us to travel long hours in the park until its 15 km of the load is exhausted.

It has a battery indicator on the right side that will indicate the approximate battery time it has left. Its charge is relatively fast and in just 3 hours it will be ready to roll with it.

Its weight is 20 kg and it can hold people up to 120 kg in weight. Without a doubt it is a cheap hoverboard with a beautiful design, that is why it is one of the most chosen.

4. SmartGyro X2 Hoverboard Scooter

We continue the list with another model from another prominent Spanish brand specializing in electric scooters. We are talking about Smartgyro and within its catalog, we want to highlight the SmaGyro X2 hoverboard, one of its best models and one of the best sellers in 2018.

This hoverboard has two 250w motors (500W in total) and a 4000 mAh battery, which will allow us to move at a speed close to 12 km / h and make trips of about 20 km after each recharge depending on use.

Its structure has a fairly classic but ergonomic design and is capable of supporting adults weighing up to 120 kg. It is available in various colors.

It is equipped with a system of LED lights both in the front and in the back to be able to illuminate us in the dark, it also has a battery indicator to show us the status of it. The surface where the feet rest is reinforced with a non-slip material so that we can hold on to it and avoid falls.

5. Cool & fun 8.5 ”off-road hoverboard

We could not finish this list without including one of the off-road hoverboards that are hitting the most among the youngest. With a futuristic and aerodynamic design, this model has no terrain to resist.

This all-terrain hoverboard includes a powerful 350w dual power motor, allowing you to climb slopes of up to 35º incline. There will be no ramp that can resist you! Its maximum top speed that it can offer us is 15 km / h like almost the rest of the selected ones.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, we can limit the speed of our mobile application. With all the battery fully charged, we can roll for about 17 km. This off-road has large 8.5-inch wheels and a tread on the tire that will allow you a sure grip on any type of surface: sand, grass, gravel, snow, or asphalt.

Regarding its weight, its 13.5kg makes it slightly heavier than the previous ones because it is larger, but more consistent since it can support a maximum load of 120 kg. Also available in other colors too, blue, pink, black, white.

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Keep comment in our comment section, which one you prefer most.

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