games like Age of Empires

If you are looking for strategy, try these games like Age of Empires

Strategy games are one of the most demanded on Android if they are not the first to download. Its format allows you to play very comfortably with the touch controls and the screen size offered by these devices, hence its success. Currently, we find many games like Age of Empires, a strategy title par excellence that ventured onto the mobile platform, although it failed to be implemented with force.

The last memory we have of the saga is the ‘Age of Empires’: Castle Siege’. That title did not work and they decided to withdraw the product, developed by Microsoft. So far, they have not considered the departure of a new project for the mobile platform, something that should sadden those most adept at Age of Empires. However, we have several titles inspired by the saga and that fills that void left by the strategy game.

Games like Age of Empires

Abyss of Empires: The Mythology

games like Age of Empires

There are many similarities between this game with the original, both in the name and in the gameplay. It looks so similar that it becomes a little-worked copy with a few added elements. At first, it makes a very good impression, although the gameplay declines as we progress, with little variety of fighting and excessive collection tasks. Not to mention the ads. It is one of the best games like Age of Empires.

Empire: Four Kingdoms

games like Age of Empires

Perhaps it is, together with Forge of Empires, the most logical alternatives to replace the great medieval strategy game. It is a multiplatform title, so the progress of the same game can be carried out on mobile or PC. It is based on the construction of buildings and the advancement of cities over the years, but like any free to play on the Play Store, it greatly penalizes progress in the long term without putting in real money.

Forge of Empires

games like Age of Empires

As we said, it is another of the most popular when it comes to replacing the Age of Empires, although it has many points in common with the previous game. The main objective is the creation of an empire that thrives and advances through the different eras of humanity, building buildings, and choosing roles that will decide the future of our people. When reaching a certain level, everything is done uphill, since the collections are slower and they supply the city to a lesser extent, as well as the expansion of it.


games like Age of Empires

Also developed by InnoGames, it tries to create a new civilization out of nothing, although with a more elven setting and with a greater presence of magic. But in essence, it is more of the same, building and increasing the territory of the city with more trade or fighting on the battlefield. Of course, resources are limited to continue improving buildings, and those resources are not easy to obtain unless you pay with real money.


games like Age of Empires

It is a game with a great historical load. In addition to the advances that we must apply in our city to pass through all existing civilizations, it has special events and challenges based on real historical events. It is not so close to Age of Empires, but it does offer an experience that can be enjoyed and with its own ideas, and without having a micro-payment system that weighs so much.

March of Empires

games like Age of Empires

Gameloft ventured to launch a game similar to Age of Empires, and things have not gone very badly. One of the objectives is still to build buildings and expand borders, although it has a more strategic and warlike aspect than other titles, placing the troops on the battlefield to our liking. In addition, we can improve our heroes with outfits and weapons.

Civilization war

After a devastated civilization, we have to rebuild a new town from the ground up by constructing buildings and exploring the open world that this game offers. Of course, we have the possibility of creating alliances to join forces and conquer territories together. We have to take care of both the social and economic aspects of the city and the military aspect in the army to advance through the different ages.

Olympus Rising

games like Age of Empires

Based on ancient Greek mythology, it consists of creating an empire with a powerful army and a city that grows more and more, with greater resources, greater territory, and better defenses. As in other games similar to Age of Empires, we can establish alliances with other players. The controls, as always, are simple and touch-based.


The other one of the games most similar to the Age of Empires has 27 different units to be able to form an army with different roles. In addition, as it is also set in Ancient Greece, we have the option of choosing a God to use his powers in essential moments of the fighting. As for the city, it has tools to create buildings and research new technologies.

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