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 Tips for digital marketing success

Company owners often rely solely on Google traffic to attract new customers without realising that algorithms change. To avoid being penalised by Google, businesses must know what works in SEO and also what is unacceptable. Statistics show that 93% of any online experience starts with a search engine, while 97% of page-one results have a minimum of one image, 58% of searches come from mobile and 46% of any Google searches are local.

When looking at any marketing activity it is important that you think about your Return on Investment and the budget that you have available for this work. A Gloucester Accountants can help you plan out budgets according to your needs.

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Surveys show that 61% of companies name SEO growth as their biggest priority. Considering that 3.5 billion people use Google search daily, here is how you can achieve digital marketing success.

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High-Quality Website

Your website is the most important face of your brand and is the number one element of digital marketing. The focus must be on user experience with calls-to-action made easier to understand and visible. Consider that 60% of online searches are conducted via smartphones, reflecting the importance of responsive website design.

Killer Content

Content that is interesting, factual and educational drives traffic and encourages people to stay on your website. You can use professional SEO services that consider your audience and create relevant content. SEO targeted content with high-volume keywords must be placed judiciously across the website. Approachable and friendly content is always easily created by professionals in the industry.

Visual Vibrancy

Professional SEO services will be able to improve your written content with vibrant imaging and videos. Research shows that 97% of marketing agencies believe that the implementation of video content positively improves customer understanding of their services and products. Advice videos and product videos are growing digital marketing tools, especially in start-up industries.

Manage Your Online Reputation

When customers read reviews about your business, they siphon knowledge about your reputation, as 90% of consumers read the online reviews and they influence their decision about purchases. Using SEO services in London as managers of your online reputation can improve your standing regardless of whether it is currently good or bad. A survey showed that when looking for services, 56% of consumers actually use search engines to find review websites to read more about a business.

SEO still remains an essential component of digital marketing.

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