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Twitter advanced search

For years,  Twitter has provided us with a tool that very few users take advantage of Twitter Advanced search. Those of us who use  Twitter and want to make a query usually do so using only the keyword or keyword of interest. However, then we read an extensive list of results that include content that does not offer us value.

Through Twitter advanced searches of Twitter, we will be able to tell the platform that we want to filter the results according to our needs. We already used it to investigate the competition, but now we are going to do it without entering the Twitter panel. First of all, we must review the various operators that are offered for this purpose.

Once you start mastering the various operators you will find it easy to locate relevant content on Twitter. Here we show you some uses that you can give to this solution.

Tips for Twitter advanced search

1. Search your Brand or BusinessTwitter advanced search

The first search to make is your brand to answer or converse with those people who mention you. So if you want to perform a search for tweets in a specific range of dates we should place this query in the search engine: techconnoctmagazine lang: since 2018-11-09 until 2018-11-20

Even if we want to refine the search more, we can exclude retweets to observe only original publications including -RT in the query. You can also search for tweets that include a word or another by just indicating something like the following: techconnoctmagazine OR techconnoctmagazinego. Or if you want both to appear, the query should be like this: techconnoctmagazine AND techconnoctmagazinego.

2.  Find Topics of Interest for your PublicTwitter advanced search

It is likely that users who are in your city/country are talking about the services you provide or issues related to your business. You should take advantage of this to start a conversation with them to support them with their doubts or share valuable content. Of course, it would be a mistake to try to sell your products/services directly😉

The best way to do this is to write a query like  “digital marketing” -filter: links near: “Lima, Peru” . So we filter only tweets that include digital marketing and exclude those that only have one of the 2 words. Also, you are not including results with links and limit them to only a specific city.

You can also filter only those tweets that were sent to a specific user using this operator to techconnoctmagazinego (the @ is not required). Now, there is a little trick to filter the results even more. For example if what we want to solve the doubts of the twitterers who write in Spanish on a certain topic to probably share the content of our blog: marketing? -filter: links lang:

3.  Tweets near youTwitter advanced search

Let’s suppose you own a pizza place (yes, the techconnoctmagazine students are laughing now). The lunch hour is approaching and it is likely that you will not find many users talking about your place. But in fact, we all have lunch and/or dinner. You can play with many keywords, but let’s say we do a search like this: hunger 🙁-filter: links.

What are we achieving? In addition to searching for the hunger keyword and excluding the links (which could include Instagram photos or check-ins that are not of our interest), we add the sadness emoticon that in one way or another detects the user’s feeling. But you would have to add the last filter that can not be made directly from the search. From the menu “More options” we will choose “Close to you” and filter only the messages originated near the location of the premises.

Now we are going to be able to approach those who are close to the place, they are hungry and they are a little sad. Would not it be great to make them feel better with a positive message? Total food is your business🙂

4. Who shares your ContentTwitter advanced search

Do you have a blog? Then this search is important for you and thus to know who share your content on Twitter to thank them, make an RT and start a conversation to invite them to follow you reading. We can use up to 2 forms and consult. You search only your techconnoctmagazine domain. com that is more direct and simple. Or if your blog is configured to include a hashtag or keyword when sharing on Twitter you can search by filtering the links: techconnoctmagazine filter: links.

The Twitter advanced search variables on Twitter are diverse and it depends on how creative you are. The best thing is that in the “More options” menu we are allowed to save up to 25 searches per account. However, Twitter also shows us the latest consultations. What other use do you have for the Twitter advanced search? Tell us how you use them in your day to day😉

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