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Old school marketing tactics that work in 2018

Is the old school marketing tactics that work in 2018.Since the digital was implemented in online marketing and advertising, it promised to be a revolution in the way to reach consumers, specify sales, customer acquisition and market analysis. However, it is becoming extremely difficult to achieve success through these channels.

With the saturation of the content, it is a fact that the ads of the creative and digital strategists have more problems to highlight. For example, more than 60 percent of them say that their Facebook ads no longer work. The problem is that if they leave it only with organic reach, it will be around 2 percent of a community.

According to Neil Patel, with Pay per Click (PPC) for the Internet, something similar also happens, since the average viewing conversion rate is less than 1 percent. With 55 percent of specialists looking to increase the traffic of their website, it is becoming more competitive to obtain a place in the digital.

More specifically, 61 percent stated that the growth of SEO and the construction of their organic presence is their main project. In this way, one point is clarified: each method of modern advertising goes through the same cycle of conception, trial, success and inevitable saturation.

What can be done?Old school marketing tactics

While the competition on the Internet is advancing, the specialists have completely ignored the marketing tactics of the old school (some older than others), but it is a fact that they can be retaken to take the audience into account.

Here are four Old school marketing tactics that work in 2018

Direct mail produces a massive average ROIOld school marketing tactics

49.7 percent of the emails people receive are archived in junk and promotional folders. According to the Washington Post, the average person spends 4.1 hours every day in their email account.

That sum more than 20 hours per week. This means that emails can still be used directly to reach the user. It is one of the old school marketing tactics that work in 2018.

Research is keyOld school marketing tactics

The use of data and research is essential to establish a correct campaign with consumers. Regardless of whether a brand adheres to current trends, it is necessary to know what the user likes. Before acting, you have to know the right time to write, if you are looking to highlight adequately. It is one of the best old-school marketing tactics that work in 2018.

Learn the rules. Then, change them

One of the most basic maxims of marketing: first learn, then innovate and finally change. The scenario for strategists has a premise that can be followed and that, strategically, can be exploited. Keep reading- 10 trends in online promotions that will mark this 2018

Avoid deceptive tacticsOld school marketing tactics

The text of a campaign or ad must always be credible. Currently, in social networks and Internet pages, you can put any type of information. If this is not verified, the clarity and therefore the credibility of the audiences is lost. When that happens, everything indicates that you will have a grim outlook. It is one of the old school marketing tactics that work in 2018.

Harness the power of imagesOld school marketing tactics

The image of a brand is fundamental. It is the first thing that the public takes into consideration, so you have to work. In addition, in an advertising campaign, attention must be directed to the image of the brand to be effective.

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