Chromecast without WiFi

How to use Google Chromecast without WiFi

Google Chromecast is the favorite device of those who want to turn a normal TV into a  smart TV; that is, allow any TV – and other types of the screen – to receive content sent from the smartphone. Or from other devices such as tablets. The problem is that, in reality, Chromecast requires a WiFi connection to work. For the luck of the users, there is a  ‘trick’ that we can take advantage of to use Google Chromecast without WiFi taking advantage of all its functions.

The Mountain View company has already released a multitude of versions of its simple ‘set-top-box’, the Google Chromecast. And although it has been introducing improvements in each of these new versions, it always keeps the same limitation alive. In any of the Chromecast generations and models, a priori. It is an essential requirement to have a  WiFi network to work properly. The key, however, is that we can  ‘fool’ the small Google device to work without WiFi. Because, obviously, we don’t always have a wireless network available to connect to our Google Chromecast.

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You can use Google Chromecast without WiFi, but how is it done?Chromecast without WiFi

As we advanced, the key is to  ‘fool’ the Google Chromecast to operate as if we actually had a WiFi network available. It is something for which we are going to need a smartphone, regardless of whether it is an  Android or iPhone, with which we will  ‘copy’ the WiFi network to which Google Chromecast was connected previously. That is why, as we pointed out, it is a  ‘trick’ that will help us if we take the Chromecast by car – or a motorhome-. For example, or to a holiday home where we do not have a router with wireless connectivity. You can try WIFI free

How to use a Google Chromecast without WiFi network, step by stepChromecast without WiFi

We will need to write both the name – the SSID – and the password of the WiFi network with which the Google Chromecast was configured, which will usually be our home WiFi network. Now, on our Android or iPhone, we will have to share WiFi. But modifying the settings so that the name of the wireless network and the password of this connection correspond to what we said before. Those of the network to which Google was originally connected Chromecast Thus. Google’s ‘set-top-box’ will connect as if it was at home. And we will be able to send content in a normal way.

Google Chromecast does not consume mobile data by itself except when it requires a firmware update, which is rarely. What will produce mobile data consumption is what we play in streaming from our smartphone. But if we make this type of connection. And what we send to Google Chromecast is content stored locally on our smartphone. The mobile data consumption of our rate should be nil.

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