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Circupack, The new circular pill dispenser for improving patients’ treatment adherence

Circupack, The new circular pill dispenser for improving patients’ treatment adherence.

You can organize your and your loved ones’ therapy in advance with a circular pill dispenser. Anyone who takes medicines or supplements daily knows what it means!

Not just discretion, though. The circular pill dispenser are real helpers, sometimes even lifesavers, which allow you to organize the drug therapy in advance, always remember when to take the medicines and, in the most technological models, to keep the therapy under control of a loved one even from a distance.

Circupack is the perfect pill dispenser for your needs

The circular pill dispenser can really simplify your life. The Circupack is a perfect circular pill dispenser to easily manage medication during the week or month: they are divided by days and times so you always have therapy under control.

Circupack pill dispenser consists of individual compartments, arranged rows and columns. Each column corresponds to a day of the week, while the rows represent the times in which drugs or supplements must be taken.

The interior of the individual compartments is shaped to facilitate the extraction of the pill. A simple but extremely clear organizer, whose intuitive operation is immediate even for older people, and slightly cumbersome, it is the ideal pill dispenser for those who do not have to take the pills with them during the day, but need a simple but well-differentiated organization to keep at home.

The Circupack pill dispenser is a great way, as reported by user reviews, to organize drug therapy in advance, without having to think about it every day.

Often, taken from the frenzy of everyday life and with a thousand daily commitments, it happens to forget the appointment with drugs. Furthermore, with age, the drugs increase but the memory decreases: hence, the Circupack pill dispenser comes with an alarm, to warn you when it’s time to take the medicines. It is very resistant pill dispenser, which can be programmed to dispense the right dose of the right tablets at the set time.

When the time comes, Circupack will emit a sound signal to attract attention: at that point it will be enough to turn it over to get the correct dose of medication, as prescribed by your doctor. It is quite cumbersome, but it is a useful contraption to favor the autonomous assumption of medicines of elderly people or people with memory problems.

Circupack dispenser of pills comes with a very innovative system to manage the drug therapies prescribed to a patient. Circupack wants to solve the patient’s problem of managing often complex therapies that involve taking more drugs daily at different times. Circupack is a user-friendly automatic pill dispenser, managed by an app, (check here which alerts the patient when he/she has to take a drug and allows the release of the medicine completely automatically!

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