How to move pictures to sd card
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How to move pictures to sd card

The external memories are still a very useful tool today because they allow us to have our mobile space for more files. Similarly, they are useful for carrying important files for any device. today we share how to move pictures to sd card.

Gaining internal space by moving the photos to the micro SD card

Due to their portable nature, micro SD cards are an essential accessory in any mobile phone that has support for them. Having our important files there allows us to keep important music, videos or photographs always safe. We share how to move pictures to sd card.

One way to ensure that this occurs is to automatically save the new photographs we take on the micro SD card. That way they will always be at hand, something that is welcome if you don’t use a cloud service in the style of Google Photos. In addition, in case your mobile phone fails and all the contents of your internal storage are deleted, the photos will remain safe in the external memory.

How to move pictures to sd card automatically

Step 1: Choose a micro SD cardHow to move pictures to sd card

The first step is obvious, but you must have a micro SD card. If you don’t know which one to choose, our ADSLZone partners bring you a micro SD card purchase guide. Follow his advice to know how to differentiate between card types and choose the most appropriate for your mobile. You should also check if your mobile is compatible with micro SD cards.

Step 2: Change the settings of your cameraHow to move pictures to sd card

Once inserted, it is time to configure your camera application to automatically save the new photos to the micro SD card. To do this, you will usually find the option in the Settings options when opening the camera app.

For example, in the Samsung camera, you will have to click on the gear in the lower menu, access  Storage location and select a micro SD card. In the MIUI camera, you must access Options and then click on the gear at the top right. Under the Device category, you will see an option called  Save to SD card. You must check that box to activate the option. In EMUI, open the camera and swipe from the right to access the settings. Simply activate  First save to SD card and go.

As a general rule, you should follow steps very similar to these use the mobile you use. You will find yourself in the general settings, not very hidden. If you use a Google Camera port, keep in mind that this option does not exist. This app is designed for Pixel phones that do not have external storage and do not need that option.

How to move old photos to the micro SD card and keep them in the same folder

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to transfer all the old photos you’ve taken to the micro SD card. You will need to use a file browser, either using a computer or through your mobile phone. It is probably easier if you use a computer, so we recommend that option. Even so, you can easily do it with your mobile and the integrated file browser.

Enter the internal storage of your mobile and look for a folder called  DCIM. They are the acronym for Digital Camera Images and it is the folder that brings together your photos. Inside that folder, you will find another called Camera. You must cut/select Move to … that folder. Where?

To a new DCIM folder that is at the root of the SD. If it is not created, you can create it yourself to avoid problems (either by hand or by taking a picture before the camera app creates it). If you use a Samsung mobile, it is possible that even when using the Move option, the SD Card option will appear directly and you can easily select the new location. It only remains to let your mobile or your computer work and complete the process easily. This is how to move pictures to sd card easily.

Once this is done, everything is done. Your photos will be stored alone in the new location of the micro SD card. And all your precious photos will be in the same place. You will not lose any important images and it will be easier for you to extract the photos from one mobile and pass them on to another. You will have to take into account, of course, the particularities of each Camera application. In each of them, you must activate the automatic saving in the SD, since it is a particular setting and not general. Similarly, each camera app must be compatible with that option. Since there may be cases in which they simply do not support it. The most flagrant example is the aforementioned Google Camera.

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