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How to make an effective Instagram bio for your business

Surely you have ever wondered how to make an effective Instagram bio for your business so in this article. I will explain the aspects you should consider. Many companies think that all social networks work in the same way, but the reality is that each one has its own characteristics and users with different interests. The biography in a corporate social profile should be considered as a business card since it is the first information users will see us when they access our account.

The text in the bio should be creative and unique in order to make a notable difference with respect to competitors. And that is why copywriting once again plays a very important role. Many brands have already realized the importance of biographies in social networks. And that is why they decide to hire a copywriter to write a text that helps sell.

Next, in this article, you will find 5 key elements that you should keep in mind. When writing a super Instagram bio for your Instagram business.

# 1 Name and User for effective Instagram bioInstagram bio

First, the name of the account will have to show the real name of the company or professional, since people will do a search on how they know a brand. And therefore, will not use a nickname to find you.

For this reason, it is advisable not to use funny spelling, strange words, unnecessary abbreviations or other versions of your real name, because it can make searching difficult for users.

Remember that it is your business and brand, so make sure that the name correctly represents the company and does not produce erroneous confusions to users when they want to find you on the Instagram social network.

In the case of well-known public figures, celebrities and international brands that have created an account to connect with their audience, they have a feature called verified badges that allow them to authenticate that they are real accounts.

The verified badges make it easy for the members of the Instagram community to find and track the accounts they are looking for because they can quickly know if the account is authentic by means of a blue V symbol that appears next to the account name (see image down).

Both the name of the account and the username are the only fields that Instagram will take into account when users perform a search.

So, if there is a keyword or market niche you wish to be found for. You should also include this in your account name. Because it will increase the chances of being found.

# 2 Description for effective Instagram bioInstagram bio

In the description field, it is necessary to make the most of the 160 available characters. Because it will be the only place to show a brief explanation about the company or professional. Continue Reading- The Scandal Of Facebook Shows The False Gratuitousness Of Social Networks: The Price Is Your Data

Here it is advisable to provide the skills or professional knowledge with which you want to stand out in your sector so that users of the community can know you and know more about what you do.

If after writing the bio you still have enough space to add more characters, it is advisable that you take this opportunity to include the different usernames that you have on other social networks.

In this way, users will be able to easily find you to follow you. You will be able to increase the number of followers on the other social platforms.

On the other hand, there are also other brands that prefer to use their biography to promote exclusive or limited-time offers through expressions of urgency that explain the most important details.

Although it is true that users do not usually access frequently. The best way to get it is through the post with the corresponding call to action.

# 3 Keywords for effective Instagram bioInstagram bio

The use of keywords in the biography will not influence to improve the results of searches on Instagram. But it will help users to identify you in a faster and more direct way.

Unlike other social networks like Twitter, keywords or hashtags are not used in Instagram in the same way.

You must bear in mind that the hashtags included in the biography cannot be clicked. But nevertheless, the publications work perfectly.

Therefore, I recommend avoiding hashtags in the biography unless you have a custom hashtag for your brand or a promotional campaign.

The only way to capitalize on the hashtags on Instagram is through the updates since users can click on them to view all related posts and make likes (if you like) if they consider it appropriate.

Do not make the big mistake that many people and brands make to include an infinite list of keywords (hashtags) in their publications to get appear in higher search results.

It is recommended to include a maximum of 2 or 3 keywords in each publication. So you should use those that are directly related to the publication.

# 4 Creativity for effective Instagram bioInstagram bio

As I mentioned before, the operation of Instagram is very different from other social platforms and also has an audience with different purposes.

For this reason, the biography of your brand in this social network may not be exactly the same as the one you have on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus. So, do not copy and paste the same biography on all social networks.

The emojis (emoticons) are an excellent way to change the visual aspect of your biography. But you should always make responsible use to avoid damaging the description you have included.

It will depend on the creativity of each brand or professional. But if you want a recommendation I advise you to use the emojis at the beginning of each sentence.

The biography of a brand on Instagram may have some similarities and maintain. The content that is used in other corporate social profiles. But it should never be a direct replica.

So, it is advisable to take the time necessary to develop a personalized biography that represents the personality of your brand. And that adapts well to the philosophy of Instagram.

# 5 Custom Links for effective Instagram bioInstagram bio

Last, but not least, you have the possibility to use a field in the biography to include the URL of a website. And that also allows you to be clickable so that users can access.

You must take advantage of this great opportunity to include the web address of your homepage, corporate blog, online store. Or other links that you are interested in promoting in this place.

If the web address you want to include in the Instagram bio is too long. I advise you to use a tool to shorten such as Google URL Shortened, Bitly or

Also, as I mentioned in the previous post that I am a data geek because I love analyzing web traffic. I would recommend that you also use the Google URL Builder tool to tag the web link that you are going to include in the bio.

In this way, when you access your account in the Google Analytics web analytics tool you will be able to see the traffic coming from this link. The number of people that have reached your website through the link that you have added the Instagram bio.

If you have already tagged the URL of your website and now you want to capture the attention of users to click on your link. It is recommended that you use a call to action with the help of emoticons.

As you can see, the emoticons (emojis) with arrows help in a visual way so that the people who access the bio click on the web link. In addition, I have added my social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In short, it is about capturing the attention of users through attractive and original icons. So that they are curious to see the contents of the website.

Conclusion for effective Instagram bioInstagram bio

Biographies in social accounts have become another key element for any business. Because it is the first place where people who are looking for our brand access. Therefore, it is vital to devote the necessary time to write a description that captivates the audience. And should always be linked to an appropriate call. Bio is Important for social networks.

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