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5 amazing facts about Netflix that explain your success

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Los Gatos, in California, is the small city where the headquarters of one of the most important and influential companies in the world is located: Netflix. Other companies have more money and are worth more in the stock market, but if this does not work, half the world is left without entertainment, and that is part of the success of Netflix, among other curious facts.

The online streaming platform for the most important series and films in the world spares no expense and precautions when it comes to developing new products, but not all is spending money to produce more and better series. The important thing is that once you land in your catalog, your applications run 100% and everything goes smoothly. Does anyone imagine Netflix dropped the day of the premiere of Stranger Things?

There are several surprising facts that explain the success of Netflix and illustrate the great work that is being done from its headquarters, as we could see when we visited Los Gatos. Now Variety has guessed right by pointing out some more.

The amazing facts about Netflix that explain your success

1.The Netflix button, much more important than it seems

facts about Netflix

When the first Smart TVs arrived, Netflix immediately saw the business, and not only to have its own application for the main operating systems but to make it easy. That’s why they started negotiating immediately the inclusion of a button for Netflix in the remote control of these Smart TV.

The ease of use is the flag of this company, and the best example is how easy it is to let the next episode play.

2.Netflix knows you very thoroughly

facts about Netflix

Big Data is an unstoppable trend in the economy and leads to personalized advertising, among other things. Netflix is one of the companies that most get you out. Especially thanks to the personalized covers for each user, a real hook.

In addition, he usually makes experiments such as showing series with or without subtitles to see how this affects the success of it. Without going any further, although in the US its users said they preferred foreign series in VOS, the company found that when it came to the truth it was not like that. This is an amazing facts about Netflix.

3.Error-proof servers

facts about Netflix

In Netflix, they are so sure of the reliability of their servers that from time to time they knock them down to check that even if one of them fails, the other two still keep the platform standing. They currently host their data on three servers in three different regions in Amazon Webs Services.

If one fails, all traffic is automatically sent to the other two. So that it is virtually impossible to fall completely.

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4.A laboratory to check if everything is going well on mobile

facts about Netflix

Little by little Netflix has been pivoting from the PC and TV to mobile devices. Today millions of people see their favorite series in the constant commutes from home to work and vice versa. So refining the operation of your application is one of the main objectives of the company.

To achieve this, curious data from Netflix, in Los Gatos there are six mobile telephone towers. All of them inside a laboratory inside insulating interference boxes. There it is verified that the mobiles are capable of reproducing series in various conditions. This is an amazing facts about Netflix.

5.More and more video hours in exchange for less data

facts about Netflix

In line with the previous point, the company has managed to maximize the users’ mobile connection. And we do not talk about leaving you without Megas every month after two weeks of renewing the data. But of giving more for less. A few years ago, according to Variety, 10 hours of video consumed 4 GB of data. Now with that same data, you can see 26 hours. This is the best amazing facts about Netflix.

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