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8 Technology Trends to Stamp on 2018

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We are excitedly witnessing the increase of technology every year. The past year has been quite fertile in this regard. My prediction as a technology writer and researcher is that the few years we are in it represent a transition phase entirely. I expect the great revolution to come after 2022. What will happen in 2018? Which technology trends will affect our business and private life more closely. And we will see more about their concrete practices. The answers are in this compilation.

1- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Technology Trends

Artificial intelligence; will focus on areas where people can not make good. Quality and efficient production and will be effective in those areas. The future of artificial intelligence will be determined by the cooperation of people and machines. In the subject and areas where people are good, people will work in areas where the machine is better and more efficient than the people. It will be the best technology trends in 2018.

2- Wearable Technologies

Technology Trends

The technology, our bodies and the wearable devices that will enable us to move on to our clothes will continue to be one of the most popular technology topics of the year 2018. Wearable health technologies will work out in 2018, as technology giants have been working on it for a long time and will always check our health. Continue reading- The 15 key features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 +

3- Printed Electronics

Technology Trends

“Printed Electronics” technology, which the producers have been working on for many years, provides electronic circuit printing on different and flexible materials such as plastic, silicone, glass, textile and so on to produce both light and flexible electronic devices as well as electronic devices. We will witness the further development of printed electronics in 2018.

4- Internet of Objects

Technology Trends

Smart clocks, phones, cars, glasses say very soon almost everything will be connected via internet and Bluetooth technology. The concept of “network” will have a different meaning. We will be able to connect and command each object over the internet. For example, before you go home, your coffee machine has made a cup of coffee. And your television will open the film on the channel you will be watching. Every object you have will talk to each other and manage its functions over the internet. It will be the best technology trends in 2018.

5-Virtual and Increased Reality

Technology Trends

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies will be challenging in 2018 with new specimens from many in the field to glasses that feel like the airplane simulators used today by pilot lovers, The investments that technology companies make in this area will ensure that in 2018 we will not experience extraordinary virtual and increased reality applications.

6- Cloud Storage

Technology Trends

In 2018, information and data will be stored in the cloud. The transition to cloud environments, where people and organizations are beginning to use each day with greater confidence. The cloud will only be used as a transfer point where information and data are archived, stored, not shared, but shared with other means.

7- Intelligent Interactive Documents

Technology Trends

One of the areas most influenced by the Internet and mobile technologies is the printing services. One of the trending applications in 2018 will be smart interactive documents. The mobile QR codes, barcodes and virtual reality applications that will take place on printed documents will transform paper documents into interactive intelligent documents containing audio, image, and video.

8- Mobile Work

Technology Trends

In Turkey, more than 2018 office employees outside the company, mobile will be a year in which they operate. The loss of time and productivity created by traffic problems in large cities also leads companies to direct their workforce to work within mobile and flexible working hours.


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