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how to turn off iphone without screen

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In this paragraph, I will only refer to the physical keys. And which combinations of these you will have to rely on for a complete shutdown without ever having to touch the screen. In cases where for example this has broken due to a fall or due to a software or hardware problem. no longer respond to commands.

The inaccessibility to the touch screen initially always puts us in front of a big problem. Since we are used to using it for everything with any type of tap or swipe. We find ourselves in the position of not being able to interact with the phone. But calm down now I tell you how to solve it.

The procedure is also called Hard Reset and it is useful to know it not only to restart the mobile phone when all the commands do not respond. But also because it is an important step in case you want to calibrate the iPhone battery and make it last a while more.

iPhone with FaceID (X, Xr, Xs, 11, 12 and 13)

Let’s start immediately with the newest models. And see how to turn off iPhone 13 without touch and I’ll also explain how to restart it. The procedure is the same for all iPhones by FaceID, therefore starting from the iPhone X. However, I want to point out the difference between restart and complete shutdown at the end of the guide:

  • a quick click on the volume UP / UP button and release the button
  • a quick click on the volume DOWN / DOWN button and release the button
  • only now press the side key for the lock screen and keep it pressed

At this point, “slide to turn off” is displayed. But given that you cannot use the touch. You must continue to keep the side key pressed to lock the screen:

  • to restart you have to release the side button before the apple shopping mode logo. As soon as the screen goes black after the “slide to power off” warning disappears
  • to complete the operation, always keep the side button pressed until you see the Apple logo, and continue to hold it until the logo disappears.

Well, now you know both ways that will help you solve minor problems quickly, for iPhone X or newer, including the new 13.

iPhone 8 and SE (second generation)

Also for these models, a procedure is required in order to perform the hard reset. Despite the presence of the physical Home button, it is no longer used. To turn off the iPhone 8 shopping mode  and SE model (2nd generation):

  • click and quickly release the Volume UP / UP key
  • click and quickly release the volume DOWN / DOWN button
  • click and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears

As you can see, even here there is nothing complicated. On the contrary, the steps are almost identical to the new iPhone. Beware though, that if you have the first generation iPhone SE (the one that looks a lot like the 5) the procedure is different and I’ll show you shortly.

iPhone 7

With the seventh generation, Apple shopping mode has moved the function that allows us to turn off or restart the device from the home button to another physical button.. Let’s see now how to turn off an iPhone without touch:

  • you have to press the volume DOWN / DOWN key at the same time
  • and at the same time the side key to lock the screen
  • wait for the apple logo
  • release both buttons

Again we restarted or shut down our device with ease.

Older iPhones (up to 6 and first-generation SE)

These models were characterized by the presence of a physical button called “Home”, placed centrally under the lower part of the screen. Also in these cases, it is necessary to know how to turn off an iPhone shopping mode  if the touch does not work, and it is really very simple to do this:

  • press and hold the Home button
  • press and hold the top key for the screen lock
  • wait for the screen to go black and wait for the apple logo to appear next
  • wait for the Apple logo to disappear and release the keys

Note that the same key combination is used to screenshot the iPhone. In fact, if you don’t hold the combination long enough to turn off the phone, you’ll get a snapshot of the screen. If this happens to you, know that the image will automatically save in the gallery. You can find it and delete it there, if you don’t need it.

Here, now you know that in case you come into possession of an older model where the physical Home button is present, how to perform a hard reset. These are situations that rarely happen, but they are not predictable.

Repair iOS when iPhone keeps crashing

If it happens once or twice a month that your iPhone shopping mode freezes, the problem may not bother you: you turn it off with one of the methods seen above, turn it back on and in less than a minute the smartphone works again.

However, when the problem is much more common and crashes all the time, then maybe it’s time to look for other solutions. Bringing it back to an Apple center could cost you (and not a little), while resetting it to return it to factory settings would make you lose all your data.

So what to do?

Luckily, there is software that can help you fix your phone and troubleshoot iOS to get it back up and running at 100%. Among all, the tool that I recommend is ReiBoot by Tenorshare, a company specializing in software dedicated to Apple shopping mode devices.

With ReiBoot, you can not only enter recovery mode for free. But also repair over 150 operating system problems and. In extreme cases, reset your iPhone, iPad, or iPod without having to go through iTunes or the Mac finder. Plus it supports all iOS versions and also works with the new iPhones 13 and 12.

It is a very powerful program that, already in the free version, solves a large number of errors. But there is also a paid version with many more options and features.

In conclusion

The iPhone is one of the smartphones that most conveniently appears for those looking for a phone that is not only performing and aesthetically beautiful. But reliable, long-lasting, and for those who want the highest quality.

Its operating system is the most stable on the market. And there are rarely any signs of bugs or problems to deal with. On Android, however, even when you have a new and latest generation phone. It is normal to find defects and error screens.

While it’s better, iOS isn’t a perfect operating system. However, in most cases a reset solves everything. This is why it is important to know how to turn off an iPhone shopping mode both when the phone is working. But also if it is blocked and the touch does not work.

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