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If you are passionate about technology and science fiction, you are always looking for a good series or tech movies for your Netflix marathon next weekend. To take advantage of the last cold before spring begins, in DonWeb News we reviewed the titles that you cannot miss if you consider yourself a lover of the tech world.

Best tech movies on Netflix

Position number 1: Black Mirrortech movies

Created by the British Charlie Brooker, this Netflix series excellently tells separate stories with a different cast for each chapter where technology, and how society consumes it, are always the centerpiece of the episodes. It is one of the best tech movies on Netflix.

Critical, futuristic and highly recommended series to spend long hours of entertainment and debates about how technology can take control of our lives, for better or for worse.

Position number 2: Bandersnatch

Following the thread of Black Mirror and its creators, Bandersnatch was born, an interactive film in the best style “Choose your own adventure” where each decision you make will represent a possible ending within the film.

As this note does not contain spoilers, we will only tell you that this film deals with topics such as technology, video games and family problems with tortuous and conflicting pasts.

Position number 3: Lost in Spacetech movies

This series based on the original created by Irwin Allen in 1965 tells the story of the Robinson family and their struggle to survive in a hostile future for human beings. Technology has allowed a group of people chosen to start a different and prosperous life to settle in a space station, but something unexpected has happened during the journey and the Robinsons will have to survive in a dangerous environment. It is one of the best tech movies on Netflix.

The series has already been renewed for a second season!

Position number 4: Travelerstech movies

This series is more of the pure science fiction of the 80s but adapted to the times. A series of special humans will be able to travel in time to help humanity from various dangers.

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Position number 5: Dream Bigtech movies

If you are a lover of documentaries and technology you can not miss this film by Greg MacGillivray, which masterfully tells the ability of people to solve problems with the help of technology.

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Position number 6: Star Trek: Discoverytech movies

Star Trek is an icon of the science fiction genre. His characters aim to find new worlds and civilizations throughout the universe aboard the USS Discovery spacecraft. However, they must face the bad calls the Klingons who are at war with the United Federation of Planets, which belongs to Star Trek. It is one of the best tech movies on Netflix.

Position number 7: Darktech movies

This German miniseries of the science fiction genre will leave you thinking hours and hours about its intricate plot of time travel and several interwoven families. The geek community has liked this series so much, that it goes through dark and monotonous moments, but it is addictive and captivating, and it has already secured a new and final season where it promises to unveil all its mysteries.

Position number 8: Stranger Thingstech movies

This box office success cannot go unnoticed by technology lovers or at least for those nostalgic who saw innocent movies from the 80s as ET, Ghostbusters or Back to the Future. This science fiction series perfectly assembles a great dose of adventure and fantasy. With a technology that began to break into society until we reach the point that we see it today.

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